Ameldaline - 2nd Act Completed

Ahead of schedule, I have finished the second act of the music video Ameldaline! I'm leaning towards keeping the name since I like the sound of it. Below is the updated video! I'm going to go through and fix a few frames I have done, see if I can add a few more in betweens and start on the final act! I'm so excited to be sharing this with you. :) I have started to also work on the script for the Princess Flux comic! I'm going to go through some revisions to the first chapter. After I get enough, I'm going to start drafting the first few comics I'll be releasing. In the meanwhile, I"m going to work on tracing and coloring in some Steven Universe fanart. I have other fanart lying around I may

Progress on Adam Lambert Music Video

So I've been working very hard on creating the keyframes for the first scene of the Adam Lambert video! I knew animation would take time, but the most challenging was deciding the form of the main character, Ameldaline as it is tentatively called. I had a few poses of her, but ultimately I decided on her relatively final design as I went through drawing the keyframes. Anywho, I have a preview. Hopefully I can finish up the rest of the frames this evening. There is no sound to the video due to copyright claims. Feel free to pull up the song and give it a listen. As I indicated in my latest blog, I'll be creating my own vocal track to go with the animation near the middle of August. For now,

Adam Lambert Music Video - Time Table

So I started working on drawing the keyframes / elaborating more on the story board of this music video. I plan on expanding each storyboard thumbnail to at least two other keyframes and at most three. Currently I have 19 thumbnails. I have split the story into three parts: beginning, middle, and end, and that helped me organize my timeline a little better. Below is a proposed timeline: July 19 - July 26, 2017: Scene 1 - 9 thumbnails. July 19 - 21 - Sketch out storyboard. July 22 - 23 - Scan and Trace. July 23 - 26 - Clean up, add keyframes. July 26 - August 2, 2017: Scene 2 - 5 thumbnails. July 26 - 28 - Sketch out storyboard. July 28 - 30 - Scan and Trace. July 30 - August 2 - Clean up, ad

Back at it again!

The past several weeks has been really rough on my muse and motivation to do anything artistic. However lately, that artistic spark has been rekindled, and I am really excited to get all the ideas jumping in my head out on paper. I won't be able to set out everything I wanted to do this summer, but I aim to finish a few projects. Adam Lambert Music Video based on his song Broken Pieces. - An initial storyboard has been created. - I still need to explore character designs. I aim to at least have an animatic before school starts. Finishing up the first scene in Ethereal Nights - I found out that after I gather the main reference material for the backgrounds, I can whip out a background within

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