I'm still here.

Oh boi. It's been a rough past week with me finishing research, moving, and helping out with student orientation. That said, I didn't really have much time to put in some hours doing much artsy stuff. If you have been following me on social media (twitter, instagram, and tumblr in particular), I've been posting some work in progress. If you haven't been following me, other than moving and being generally too busy to log hours, I also had left my charger for my laptop on the other side of the country. I have it now, but that also made it difficult to do anything digital. I even published my last comic with pencil and ink. Oh what an adventure that was. I learned a bit in case I have to do som

What now?

I have reached a major milestone this weekend! I had finished the animatic for Ameldaline. *lots of applause* I am so proud of myself for finishing a self-guided animation task without the need to be in a classroom. It was a personal goal for me, and I'm thrilled to have done it! I have posted a version on YouTube with my own piano insert. By no means am I a pianist. I am hardly a musician. I just wanted to put up something 100% mine! I have also uploaded the version with Adam Lambert's vocals on Vimeo along with the one with my original music. I am just thrilled! In my crazy ambition to complete items, I have also started working on the Princess Flux - Journeys of the Abstract Princess comi

Ameldaline and Other Updates

August is here! Summer school is over, and I can taste the sweet sweet release of productivity! I fell a little behind on the Ameldaline - Adam Lambert music video, but I just finished putting all three acts together! Now I just need to edit a few frames, add a couple more keyframes, animate this and that, and the animatic should then be complete! In the unknown future I may revisit the project and actually work through animating it. Just doing that would take a couple more months. Think about it. If it takes me 6 weeks just to make an animatic, how many weeks will it take to make this 3 minute animation??? Probably 6 weeks for the first act alone. x] I am also finishing up coloring some Ste

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