Here we go!

Heh. One step forward toward a weekly blog update. So June is quite close, only two days away, and all the children from middle and high school will be free for the summer! The weather is nice, and I am able to enjoy the days with my family! Well anyway, some updates! I have been working on pages for Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess. I have a month's worth of pages all drafted. I am currently about 5/8 through the rough sketches. One page needs to be shaded and maybe re-inked from what I'm doing with the later pages. I actually have a "break" page to somewhat signify the five "pages" I originally broke down in the script. I consider them "pages" because what I have been findi

Quarterly Updates?

Eek. At this rate, these blog updates might as well be every three months. I've decided to use this as a space to write down my ideas and goals since that is the first step in seeing them into fruition! Write those ideas down. June is quickly descending upon us, and I'd like to pose some art related goals for the month. Finish Kyrie's 20 Day Art Challenge. I am currently on Day 5 of 20, and I'm hoping to finish up to Day 7 or 8 today. Finish adding lyrics to my senior thesis animation. The lyrics aren't too bad. I'm already on scene 2 of 5. If Adobe After Effects cooperates, I should be able to bang that out in a day or two. Complete a month's worth of pages for Princess Flux: Journeys of th

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