Ba de ya, dancing in September, ba de ya, saying goodbye to August.

Just like that August has come and gone. Well there are still two(2) days left, but it really went by quickly! The little ones are back to school, and I’m still at home. It’s so strange. I’m not taking any breaks in my own learning! Don’t you worry! I’m just going to rapid fire through the August goals and reflections since frankly, I didn’t finish them all and my last blog is still valid for my current state of progress. I have worked more on Elliot Roseberry’s character sheet. I included colors, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep those colors. I’m going to let them simmer for a bit, focus on the other parts of the character sheets, and return to the color palette and adjust if necessary. There

Last full week of August! Oh My!

I'm going to save my September goals for next week's blog since September doesn't technically start until next week. However, spoiler alert, I'm hoping to pick up some sketchtember prompts and use those art prompts for drawing my OCs. Week one will be for my relatively new original characters i.e. the twins, Kyrie, butterfly, Valley, etc. Week two will be for relatively older original characters i.e. Madness, Wrath, Supoya (who some of you may not even know), I have a magical girl, and another demon boy. I'm just bringing characters from my sketchbooks back to life that week. xD Week three will be for the cast of The Dark Rose. I have two (2) and a half characters designed. Those will defini

Night Owl or Plagued with Bouts of Insomnia?

I’m not entirely sure why my nights have been restless, but they’ve been leaving me waking up later and not being able to take advantage of the two (2) hour window before I must roll out of bed to start my day. Not to mention my body decides that it needs to take a nap in the middle of the day, so that time is lost to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love sleep! I just like being able to sleep from 10:00 PM to 6:00 or 7:00 AM. I want to go back to that! I was so much more productive. Not to mention my computer has been fritzing out on me. I’ve had the blue screen of death and the computer just freeze on me. Adding on to the usual lag Corel Painter decides to spit out while streaming, my digital

A Productive Start to the Month

Wow. A week into August already. How time flies! I believe the past week was a productive one. I worked on a few art goals, made some progress on my work-in-progress pieces, and found a couple more acquaintances! I think mixing up the stream helps a bit to keep the energy going, so even if I start multiple projects, it’s nice to work on different things! What type of things have I been working on the stream you wonder? It’s gotten to the point where I have “the usual” work which is composed of drawing out Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess comic pages and some Osomatsu-san fan art. I feel like my work flow for the comic has quickened a little bit, but it could go a bit faster!

Last Month of Summer~!

August is here, and what's a better way to celebrate than to reflect on July and bring in some new goals to the table!? July was a good month! No, I didn’t complete everything, but it was a productive month! So what happened? Where am I with everything? “The Dark Rose” which was previously dubbed the Magic Teaser Trailer is most likely the finalized name of the series! It might end up as a book most likely, but there is a chance it may be a comic or even transformed into an animation series! I’d like to maybe find a team to work on it or else it’ll be a few 30 seconds to one-minute clips. That’s a distant future project. Right now I am focusing on the trailer which needs 10 more frames story

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