• Please provide a reference picture else what I imagine visually may be different than what you imagine.


  • First concept sketch is free. Further revisions of concept sketches are subject to a $5 additional fee.

  • Revisions after concept sketches are subject to a $5 - $10 additional fee.

  • 15% of the payment is required before static commission is started.

  • 50% of the payment is required before animated commission is started.

  • No refunds unless I am unable to fulfill your commission. 

  • If drawing progress has not been made within two (2) weeks after concept sketch has been approved, refunds may be requested.

    • Progress won't be made on a commission if revision fees haven't been paid.

    • Consultation and revision refunds will not be issued.

  • I have full right to decline offer.

  • Payment in USD through Paypal. 

Work in Progress and Completed Works

  • I will check in with you approximately 1 to 3 times depending on the size of the commission. Please make change requests within 2 to 3 business days after the check in.

  • Creative work is for personal use only. Licensing rights may be negotiated for an additional cost.

  • You will receive a full-resolution .png, .mp4 or .gif file unless otherwise requested.

  • Once payment is received, you have agreed to these conditions.


Email me at​ with subject line "Commission for ____", where blank is what you want. 

For example "Commission for Line Art with Two Characters."

Please provide reference images or a description in this email. Even rough doodles of what you're looking for will be appreciated!


I will respond to you within 2 to 3 business days!


Static Base Starting Prices

  • Sketch  $15

  • Line Art - Raster and Vector $25

  • Flat Grey Scale $35

  • Vector Colored  $35

  • Flat Colored $40

  • Raster Colored  $60

Static Add Ons:

  • Involved background starts at $10

  • Additional characters starts at $10

Animation Base Prices

  • 3 Second $60 @ 24FPS

    • No color. ​

    • No background.

    • Raster character animation.

  • 3 Second $104 @24 FPS

    • Colored, raster character animation.​

    • No background.

  • Abstract / Minimal vector animation starts at $25/second of animation

    • Colored​

    • Simple background.

Animation Add Ons:

  • Additional characters $15 each.

  • Static background starts at $10.

  • Animated background starts at $25 / second of animation.


Colored Animation Sample + Static BG
Rough Animation Sample
Single Character with Background
Single Character Colored Shaded
Vector Art
Example of Complex Background