• Please provide a reference picture else what I imagine visually may be different than what you imagine.


  • First concept sketch is free. Further revisions of concept sketches are subject to a $5 additional fee.

  • Revisions after concept sketches are subject to a $5 - $10 additional fee.

  • 15% of the payment is required before static commission is started.

  • 50% of the payment is required before animated commission is started.

  • No refunds unless I am unable to fulfill your commission. 

  • If drawing progress has not been made within two (2) weeks after concept sketch has been approved, refunds may be requested.

    • Progress won't be made on a commission if revision fees haven't been paid.

    • Consultation and revision refunds will not be issued.

  • I have full right to decline offer.

  • Payment in USD through Paypal. 

Work in Progress and Completed Works

  • I will check in with you approximately 1 to 3 times depending on the size of the commission. Please make change requests within 2 to 3 business days after the check in.

  • Creative work is for personal use only. Licensing rights may be negotiated for an additional cost.

  • You will receive a full-resolution .png, .mp4 or .gif file unless otherwise requested.

  • Once payment is received, you have agreed to these conditions.


Email me at​ with subject line "Commission for ____", where blank is what you want. 

For example "Commission for Line Art with Two Characters."

Please provide reference images or a description in this email. Even rough doodles of what you're looking for will be appreciated!


I will respond to you within 2 to 3 business days!

Static Base Starting Prices

  • Sketch  $15

  • Line Art - Raster and Vector $25

  • Flat Grey Scale $35

  • Vector Colored  $35

  • Flat Colored $40

  • Raster Colored  $60

Static Add Ons:

  • Involved background starts at $10

  • Additional characters starts at $10

Animation Base Prices

  • 3 Second $60 @ 24FPS

    • No color. ​

    • No background.

    • Raster character animation.

  • 3 Second $104 @24 FPS

    • Colored, raster character animation.​

    • No background.

  • Abstract / Minimal vector animation starts at $25/second of animation

    • Colored​

    • Simple background.

Animation Add Ons:

  • Additional characters $15 each.

  • Static background starts at $10.

  • Animated background starts at $25 / second of animation.


Colored Animation Sample + Static BG
press to zoom
Rough Animation Sample
press to zoom
Single Character with Background
press to zoom
Single Character Colored Shaded
press to zoom
Vector Art
press to zoom
Example of Complex Background
press to zoom
ime masked public.jpg
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