I present crossover drawings that makes sense, some not so much, and some canon / widely accepted in the fandom.

Veggietales Meet Pickle Rick
What happens when a non-believer with enough sins to make a woman clutch her pearls meet some Christ-loving, God-fearing veggies?
More Please!
A cross-over including my original character, Supoya, Nishinoya Yuu from Haikyuu! and Sanji from One Piece cooking a meal.
Greg Cipes Voiced Roles
Greg Cipes was visiting a local convention, and I was inspired to create some fanart of my two favorite characters he voices!
Piranha Plant Kirby
I may not have Piranha plant as a playable character in Smash, but I can appreciate a Kirby in Piranha plant's skin.
Kitty Power
About the time the Osomatsu-san movie details were being revealed, I was inspired to put two kitty cats together. I may redo this drawing with characters from their respective shows.

Kuroo Tetsurou (left) is from Haikyuu! and high school Ichimatsu (right) is from Osomatsu-san.
Ninja, Mobster, Pirate
About the time I was finished/in the middle of watching Banana Fish, I realized I wanted to do a piece combining a few high profile blondes.

From left to right: Deidara from Naruto, Ash from Banana Fish and Sanji from One Piece.
Please Return Garfield
During a stream, my friend noted that Osomatsu-san's character designs resembled Jon Arbuckle's character designs, so I wanted to put the two together!
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