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Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess


The first couple chapters of the novel are available here. A summary of the story so far and some background information will be available here!

Read the comic on or!

The World--

Tayavon is a small planet in the far corner of the universe. It has an extremely hot core that provides heat to the surface of the planet. The core is made of ductile metal extremely coveted by outsiders but is mined and used in almost all Tayan structures. Pieces of the core is also found in the planet's inhabitants. When they pass, the cores are returned to the center of the planet. Rumor has it that Tayavon reacts to the memories and transforms a bit accordingly.

Tayavon has two satellites: the Milky Moon and the Shiu Moon. The Milky Moon (pictured) can almost always be seen. On the other hand, the Shiu Moon can be viewed approximately once every ten rotations of Tayavon.


There once were five rulers worshiped as immortal deities. Each managed a sector and oversaw one or two districts. One ruler wanted more power. Another didn’t like how the others ruled and approached the growing problems pf the planet. Those two worked together to kill off the other three rulers. Chaos broke out.


Before civilians drove the planet to the ground, Tayavon imported most of its goods from other planets and had everyone who couldn’t describe their worth engineer and construct transportation systems and holding centers to move and hold the commodities. Each district had a quota to achieve. Even if they were struggling to make the requirements, amends to fix it weren’t allowed or encouraged. 

Story thus far --

Princess Paeosfu had awaken to the fallen Mining District. She recollects her interactions with the Third Ruler which ultimately leads to her warning the Rebel forces of the impending invasion.

During her reflections, Princess Paeosfu managed to climb back down the wreck of the Mining District and found herself really coming in terms with the reality of the situation--a majority of the rebel soldiers are dead but the civilians were saved.

Unbeknownst to Princess Paeosfu, a recovery team has moved to her location to aid in her efforts of saving any surviving rebel members.

While Roskavna and others recover Tayans and abandoned cores, Timtoi Charleton works to patch up Princess Paeosfu.

Updated August 20, 2018.

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