Chibi Monkey D. Luffy Paper Keychain

Chibi Monkey D. Luffy Paper Keychain


Post-time skip Luffy waves his flag proudly!




One Piece



Monkey D. Luffy, chibi art, captain, pirate

  • Paper Keychain Details

    • Material

    This is an approximately 4" tall print.

    Protected with a heat laminate.

    Printed on cardstock.

    • Other

    Prints come with a punched hole and metal clip.

    Mini lanyards and keyrings may be provided upon request.

  • Sticker Details

    Ideal for indoor, dry surfaces! Tested on oily and wet surfaces.

    Size: ~4" tall. They are handcut with love.

    Material: Vinyl Cricut paper with cold laminate seal.


    Not scratch resistant.

    May fade in the sun.

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