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Chibi Sitting OC Buttons

Chibi Sitting OC Buttons


These cuties were inspired by sitting poses from official anime figurines [ Sabo, Shikamaru, and Gaara!]


Yiskaña is from Princess Paeosfu: Journeys of the Abstract Princess. He does his best to be menacing. 


Vyuvste is from Pit Pat Valley. He is actually a menace.


Needle is from Sewn Friends. She wants to be queen and figure out who is tearing apart plushies and putting them back together.


Wrath isn't from a story yet. He's a warden who punishes the damned.


Aurora isn't from a story yet. She's a magical girl who will eat your snacks and not tell you.


Elliot is from the Dark Rose. He's trying to live his best life in preparation to leave his home island...

  • Details

    These are 1.5" diameter pinback buttons!

    They are hand-pressed with love.

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