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Fire Force Buttons

Fire Force Buttons


Hero or Devil? Church of Sol or Evangelist worshipper? Searching for the truth or habringer of chaos?


Just kidding. It's not that deep. Take a fire soldier or Evangelist to go!



  1. Benimaru Shinmon
  2. Shinra Kusakabe
  3. Arthur Boyle
  4. Viktor Licht
  5. Joker
  6. Ogun Montgomery
  7. Tamaki Kotatsu
  8. Sister Iris
  9. Maki Oze
  • Details:

    • These are 1.5" diameter pinback buttons!

      They are hand-pressed with love.

  • Names of available characters in the description!


      Click "read more" to see the names of characters and their associated numbers.

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