One Horned, Purple Monster Sticker

One Horned, Purple Monster Sticker


Despite having two eyes, this one-horned, purple, occasional people-eater can fly. This little monster delivers presents wrapped or unwrapped with cards included!


It typically drops off on-line orders or orders made in store for delivery, but if someone looks like they would like a present, this creature will swallow the person to determine what may help cheer them up. The monster will then spit them out along with a present!


It doesn't only spit out material commodities like games or a trombone. It can spit out poems and songs or even that one phone call a person should make!


Tipping the monster isn't necessary; it actually prefers to be petted!




Creature lab, monster art, original character

Sticker Type
  • Details

    Ideal for indoor, dry surfaces! Tested against oily and wet applications.

    Size: ~2" tall. They are handcut with love.

    Material: Vinyl Cricut paper with cold laminate seal.


    Not scratch resistant.

    May fade in the sun.

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