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Ethereal Nights Timeline

This is a short timeline for an independent game development project. Since it has been adopted for my Project in Six Weeks Challenge, I will aim to finish the settings and front page within the timeline.

Week One: Title Screen/Game Preview Screen

Day one: Sketch out title block variations (title+hands & title + silhouette character on side)

Day two: Clean up sketches

Day three: Show Marie

Day four: Scan & Black/White trace

Day five: Color & submit

Week Two: School Setting

Day one: Acquire reference material for classrooms, rooftop scenes, school backdrops, janitor closet

Brainstorm/rough school backdrop

Day two: Cleanup school backdrop;

Scan and send to Marie;

Brainstorm/Rough classrooms (music and chemistry)

Day three: Cleanup classrooms (music and chemistry);

Scan and send to Marie;

Brainstorm/Rough generic classroom

Day four: Cleanup generic classroom;

Scan and send to Marie;

Brainstorm/Rough rooftop and janitor closet (dark and lit room)

Day five: Cleanup rooftop and janitor closet;

Scan and send to Marie;

Make appropriate corrections for settings

Day six: Day off

Day seven: Start color for school backdrop

Week Three: School Setting Color

Day one: Finish color for school backdrop;

Start color for music classroom

Day two: Finish color for music classroom;

Start color for chemistry classroom

Day three: Finish color for chemistry classroom;

Start color for generic classroom

Day four:Finish color for generic classroom;

Start color for rooftop

Day five:Finish color for rooftop;

Start color for janitor closet

Day six:Finish color for janitor closet;

Start color for morning/evening, afternoon, and night backdrops

Day seven: Finish color for time of day backdrops;

Create rain foreground/background.

Week Four: Factory Setting

Day one: Gather reference material for factories (fantasy, sci-fi, real life layouts)

Day two: Sketch out factory idea

Day three: Clean up factory sketch; scan to Marie

Day four: Rest

Day five: Make corrections to factory sketch; Start sketch color

Day six: Finish color

Week Five: Mall Setting

Day one: Gather reference material for mall (food court, spin off chain store, fountain+movie theatre);

Brainstorm/rough fountain + movie theatre

Day two: Cleanup fountain + movie theatre;

Send to Marie;

Brainstorm/rough food court, spin off chain store

Day three: Cleanup food court and spin off chain store;

Send to Marie;

Make corrections and start color of fountain + movie theatre

Day four: Finish color of fountain + movie theatre;

Day five: Make corrections and start coloring for food court

Day six: Finish color for food court. Start color for spin off chain store.

Day seven: Finish color for spin off chain store

Week Six: City Life

Day one: Gather reference material for cafes/diners, farmer market/local food market, gym;

Brainstorm/Rough cafe/diner

Day two: Brainstorm/Rough gym

Cleanup cafe/diner;

Send to Marie

Day three: Clean up gym

Send to Marie

Brainstorm/Rough food market backdrop

Day four: Cleanup food market backdrop;

Send to Marie

Correct and color cafe/diner

Day five: Finish coloring cafe/diner;

Start coloring gym

Day six: Finish coloring gym; start coloring food market backdrop

Day seven: Finish coloring food market backdrop

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