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Adam Lambert Music Video - Time Table

So I started working on drawing the keyframes / elaborating more on the story board of this music video. I plan on expanding each storyboard thumbnail to at least two other keyframes and at most three. Currently I have 19 thumbnails. I have split the story into three parts: beginning, middle, and end, and that helped me organize my timeline a little better.

Below is a proposed timeline:

July 19 - July 26, 2017: Scene 1 - 9 thumbnails.

July 19 - 21 - Sketch out storyboard.

July 22 - 23 - Scan and Trace.

July 23 - 26 - Clean up, add keyframes.

July 26 - August 2, 2017: Scene 2 - 5 thumbnails.

July 26 - 28 - Sketch out storyboard.

July 28 - 30 - Scan and Trace.

July 30 - August 2 - Clean up, add keyframes. Finish whatever is left of Scene 1.

August 2* - August 8, 2017: Scene 3 - 6 thumbnails.

August 2 - 4 - Sketch out storyboard.

August 5 - 6 Scan and Trace.

August 7 - 8 - Clean up, add keyframes.

August 8 - August 14, 2017: Put scenes together into an animatic.

August 8 - Put all storyboards into video editor and overlay with sound.

August 8 - 10 - Fill in any additional keyframes for smoothness.

August 11 - Record own sound for publishing.

August 12 - 13 - Sound mix and place own sound into editor.

August 14 - Review for any last changes before publishing!

* Last day of summer school! :) I can then spend more time cranking out this animation!

So with fingers crossed and if I stay focused, I should be able to finish this in the allotted time! I'm doing different projects within the same time frame, so I tried to buffer it that way. In this blog post, I had allotted basically a month for this project. I wanted to keep to that allocation to narrow the scope of my project and work on other things.

I'm a few days short of a month in the time line I had posted here. Those additional days will be a buffer in case my workload made it difficult for me to complete the task. However, if I remain focus, I don't believe I would have to use those extra days.

I'll be posting updates! Ja ne.

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