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New Year

'Ello 'ello! I'm so happy!

I finished most of my animatic for my senior thesis, and I have begun collecting images to start the collage! Progress had slowed down on it a bit because...

I was working on "Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess"!! I had fallen a little behind in where I wanted to be for the comic, so I pushed to reach my milestone. And I did it! A full month's worth of pages are queued up and ready go on WebToons,, and on my Patreon account! The comic actually returned today on my Patreon! No one was really there to see, but it's there! haha.

If I don't get a Patreon by the time page 10 is released, I may delay early comic page releases and just upload behind-the-scenes comic content. I don't see why I should create two comics for one day if no one will be reading it a week early, you know?

In other news, I have finished the preliminary storyboard of "The Prince of Darkness." Before I dive in to make the actual storyboard, I need to do character studies of the other characters namely Elliot's friend, and the mysterious woman that helps to fuel the story and serves as the major protagonist. Now since this is a trailer, only some scenes that won't necessarily be in chronological order will be shown. I'll be posting my preliminary along with the finished storyboard on my Patreon account. I'll be posting character designs on my Instagram. Elliot's friend is a water bender, so I'll be practicing my water animating skills. He only has one scene where he actually uses his water powers, but I must get ready!

Anyway, that is pretty much it for updates. I've been doing some more remodeling of the website, and I'm thinking about adding more artwork on the different pages. I also like the simple design. We'll see!

Until next time.

Ja Ne!

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