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Night Owl or Plagued with Bouts of Insomnia?

I’m not entirely sure why my nights have been restless, but they’ve been leaving me waking up later and not being able to take advantage of the two (2) hour window before I must roll out of bed to start my day. Not to mention my body decides that it needs to take a nap in the middle of the day, so that time is lost to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love sleep! I just like being able to sleep from 10:00 PM to 6:00 or 7:00 AM. I want to go back to that! I was so much more productive.

Not to mention my computer has been fritzing out on me. I’ve had the blue screen of death and the computer just freeze on me. Adding on to the usual lag Corel Painter decides to spit out while streaming, my digital art just hasn’t been productive. I’m out here thinking about exploring traditional mediums. xD; I do have to sit down and back up all of my files!

That said, I have made some inkling of progress on this month’s goals. We’re halfway through August, and I can say with confidence I’m not halfway through my goals! Waaa waaa. Hey, at least that means I have my September goals ready to go. xD;

One goal I may be able to complete is increasing my community engagement. I’m about to partake in my fourth challenge, and there is time for me to find a couple more art trades! I completed one (1) art trade where I drew Kagome in an alternate universe for my writer friend rhagespurplepanda over on!

Her story is for mature audiences only due to the sexual nature of the writing!

I think I’m going to scope out some art trades this weekend and work on them over the next week! ^^ If you’d like to do an art trade with me, feel free to reach out through any of my social media websites or email me!

So last week I mentioned using a work in progress piece for my commissions spreadsheet. Well that work in progress is complete, and I’m so proud of it!

The background is maybe the weakest element, but I love this so much that I’m out here looking for a way to print it and hang it on my wall! I just need to put this bad boy on a page, differentiate the different elements, and then boom! I have myself a commission spreadsheet. I also activated a commission module over on my deviantart. I’m going to use some of those examples on the page as well!

Another aspect of my “Making Bank” goal is to create at least four (4) adoptables. I have the robot one, and I started making a character. Problem was, the character resembled one of my role play OCs too much, so I’m having attachment issues. I’m just going to make sure his hair isn’t white, his eyes aren’t brown, and he’s not a vampire. lel

Looking through my old sketchbooks, I found characters I only drew once, and I thought if I redrew them, I could offer them as adoptables! They are already made, and I’ll be participating in the “redraw your art” meme challenge things. Two birds with one stone, am I right? *wiggles eyebrows*

I may have to wait to the end of the month or September to try to draw game characters because I haven’t logged on to the games for so long that they may have massive updates. With the Internet provider we have now, there’s an actual data cap, and if we go over, we have to shovel more money into their hot sweaty hands. Imma keep the soap box under the table. I can rant about it on a stream if anyone’s interested. xD; If I actually go to the library, I may update there, yet I run the risk of some fishy hacker getting into my game data. I could also head up to my local university and download there, but even that seems extra at the moment. ^^; *le sigh*

Look guys. Instead of using these emoticons, I may actually use the emotes I made. I’ve sketched out thirteen (13!!!) emotes. Eight (8) of them need to be vectorized.

That’s right. I have five (5) emotes ready to go!

I’m going to populate them into my discord one of these days. Three (3) of them are already greenlit over on After I finish the rest of the emotes, I’d like to work on the little banners of my stream page! The title cards would probably be a September project. :] People are out here thinking about inktober already, but I have my eye on sketchtember and using the prompts to draw more of my original characters in hopes it’ll inspire me for the title card or future projects!

For final progress on August goals, I’ve finally completed the storyboard for The Dark Rose! *insert trumpet noises* I may do a crude voice over since I don’t know what the characters would really sound like yet just to get the pacing down and to start on adding the in betweens. The lip sync would have to come later when I have the actual voices. This isn’t a project that’ll be done necessarily any time soon. Between the completion of the animatic and the in betweens, I need to create the character sheets for the three main characters, background concept art, and color studies. I’m also going to be studying anime trailers to make any final changes before getting into the grit of the animation. I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t start animating until early next year! It’ll be worth it. 😊

But no worries, I’ll be weaving in other animation projects within the production. Some will be small; others will probably just be on the level of being an animatic. Aaaah! So many things I want to do. Haha

In regards to other art projects, this week I am celebrating the First Year Anniversary of Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess!!

Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess was first published on Tapas on August 13, 2017. Funnily enough a new page was published Monday as well! I’m going to be more prepared for it next year (admittedly my mind mixed the date with August 18) and be even more dramatic! I am offering free art requests with the cast of the comic during my Saturday stream.

I have also posted a few comic pages to maintain the buffer, but I’m falling behind again. Dx I’m turning to sketching out the pages traditionally and then doing the lineart and coloring digitally since the process is seemingly quicker for me that way. I bought a sketchbook completely devoted to the comic, so that I can keep information, notes, character drawings, and the like all in one place. I don’t have to search through three (3)+ sketchbooks for character art. But we are nearing the end of chapter one!! I’ve outlined up to the first plot point of chapter four, but I need to actually write out chapters two and three, edit them, and then convert them to little scripts for the comic. Sure I’m about two (2) months out until you guys read chapter two, but I have less than a month to write it, edit it, and turn it into a script. *internally screaming* Not to mention I have to make character designs for a few new minor characters! What is my life? .-. It’s okay! It’s going to happen! I just have to do all of that while making comic pages…

Let’s make a schedule right now~!

I have a little more than nine weeks until the public sees the end of chapter one. Taking into consideration that I have 3 weeks of comics currently queued, I am going to work like I have to publish a comic a page each week :

Week one: Page 18

Week two: Page 19

Week three: Page 20

Week four: Page 21

Week five: Page 22

Week six: Page 23

Week seven: Page 24

Week eight: Page 25

Week nine: Page 26

Week ten: Chapter One Over; Cover page of Chapter One; OC shoutout page; Cover page of Chapter Two;

Page 18 and 19 are all sketched out. I need to refine the sketches and then complete the lineart. Page 20 and 21 are thumbnail sketches.

Week Zero (8/20/18): Lineart Pages 18 and 19; Color 18; Sketch out page 20; Sketch out page 21; write out scene in chapter two; Publish 18.

I would then have a day to catch up, get ahead, or take a break. I’d post the new page Monday. This is an ideal scenario. I did my best in the last few pages to divide it up so that I’d be posting a page a week, but some of the pages require two (2) pages, so either those will be posted together or on separate weeks. I’m going on the assumption that I have one (1) page to post every week (i.e. pages 18 – 26 not page 18 part 1, page 18 part 2,etc. – page 26 part 3.)

Week One (8/27/18): Color 19; Refine sketch 20 and 21; lineart 20; thumbnail sketch 22 and 23; write out scene in chapter two; Publish 19.

Week Two (9/3/18): Color 20; lineart 21; sketch out page 22; sketch out page 23; color 21; write out scene in chapter two; Publish 20, Queue 21;

Week Three (9/10/18): line art pages 22 and 23; color 22; thumbnail sketch 24 and 25; sketch page 24; sketch page 25; edit scenes chapter two; queue 22;

Week Four (9/17/18): color 23; line art 24 and 25; thumbnail sketch 26; color 24; color 25; edit scenes chapter two; queue 23 - 25;

Week Five (9/24/18): sketch 26 ; refine 26 ; lineart 26 ; color 26 ; divide chapter 2 pages 1-3; write out scene 01 in chapter 3; queue 26

So if all goes well, I should be done with chapter one by week five. Looking at the assumed publishing calendar, by week five, page 22 would be publicly available. I’d have a month’s buffer in case something happens. That makes me feel better! At this point chapter two would ideally be all written, edited, and I would have started making a script out of it. Hey, I’ve even started writing out scenes in chapter three! Each semi-colon indicates a new day. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to do two (2) days’ worth of assignments in one (1) day and be even more ahead of schedule!

Not indicated on the calendar is me writing out the outline of the story every day. I’m going to aim for writing out two scenes per day! That’ll be 82 scenes by week five!! Even if I include four (4) scenes per plot point, that’ll be more scenes that I need for the rest of book one!

Admittedly, this makes me feel better. Doesn’t seeing things on paper make things seem less overwhelming? Again this is an ideal scenario if I don’t have multiple parts in the pages. If anything, page 26 will be completed later, yet I would still be finished with writing chapter two and beginning making it into a comic script by week five. That’s good! Out of curiosity, I am going to finish writing out the calendar for the remaining four weeks! You don’t have to read further unless you want to! If you message me monster fairy on any of my social media platforms, or in my email, you can have a free commission!! If it’s going to be animated, it won’t be very long, but a free animated commission you may request if you wish!

I want to reward those who took the time to follow me on my thought process xD;

I’ll see you next week~!

Ja ne.

Week Six (10/1/18): divide chapter two page 4 -7; divide chapter two page 8 - 11; thumbnail sketch page 1 and 2; refine sketch page 1 ; refine sketch page 2 ; write out scene 02 in chapter three; break

Week Seven (10/8/18): divide chapter two page 12 -15, line art page 1; write out scene 03 in chapter three, line art page 2; color page 1; color page 2; thumbnail sketch page 3 and 4; write out scene 04 in chapter 3 ; queue page 1 and 2

Week Eight (10/15/18): divide chapter two page 16 -19, rough sketch page 3; divide chapter two page 20 – 23, rough sketch page 4; find chapter one cover page/remake draft of chapter one cover page; draft chapter two cover page ; line art chapter one cover page; write out scene 05 chp 3; line art chapter two cover page;

Week Nine (10/22/18): color chapter 1 cover page ; color chapter 1 cover page ; color chapter two cover page; color chapter 2 cover page; finish coloring; refine page 3; post cover pages.

Week Ten (10/29/18): I did it! All the pages for chapter one including the cover pages would ideally be done by now! I would have two pages of chapter two already in the queue. I wouldn’t have much time to really breathe since that’s only two pages in the queue! I’d have to hop onto finishing pages 3 and 4. Fortunately chapter two is short compared to the other chapters. Whether or not that’s actually a good thing is questionable at this point. xD I still have to find time to create the two (2) or three (3) new characters.

Perhaps in the down time of my writing stages I’ll create new characters. I have to readjust my schedule anyway since I may be taking some university classes. We’ll see!

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