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One day I'll complete a monthly goal

It's a double feature because I'm going to pretend this makes up for not posting weekly. Honestly, at this point, I might as well do biweekly posts...I'll attempt to keep the dream alive. xD;

Meanwhile a dream I've had since I was a little girl has come to fruition! I have a mini company that'd soon be churning out animations and games. I had an awesome networking and showcase experience this past Sunday. Check out my last post for details on that!

As for the monthly goals I set out to do since I didn't do them in September...

I updated Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess Monday, October 15 except last Monday, October 8 as initially planned. It's back though! So that's important. And that's it. That's all I've done when it comes to my goals. xD; The month isn't over yet! I still have time!

I did finish an art trade with Absolute Weapon! Everyone should check him out since he has an awesome style and plays fun games!

There also has been progress with my little fan art piece. I just need to lay out the background and add shading. Then I'd be gucci.

I also created new character designs for upcoming faces in the comic! I'm liking them so far. They may be tweaked more by the time I actually draw them. The writing for chapter two is also coming along. I'm tightening up the scenes I initially wrote, and I'm drafting the later scenes.

At my booth I also drew to pass the time. The smooth-looking character was too much.

So art was made. None of it really had anything to do with my monthly goals. Drawing was a bit hard for me too. Finding that inspiration was hard. I really went on a roll when drawing Supoya. I'm interested in making a light novel of that world, but I have so many projects already. I must remain focused! haha

I'll have progress on at least one of these many projects next time! Until we meet again.

Ja ne~!

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