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Midway through January

Aaah the month has been productive so far and I hope the energy continues for the next couple weeks!

One of the highlights of this month so far was my tabling experience this past Sunday! I had changed my load-in from Sunday to Saturday since I had so much more items that needed to be set up, and that helped tremendously. Unlike the event in December where I was still packing through the beginning of the event, I was ready thirty minutes prior and was able to chill, meditate, and become pumped! Unfortunately I was again plagued with the inability to get a good night's sleep despite the Valerian root, Sleep Rescue Remedy, and the Night Night Chamomile tea I took throughout the night. Nonetheless, the love shown in the first half hour of the event woke me up.

The forecast earlier that week predicted a small chance of snow and terrible air quality, but neither happened and there was such a huge turnout! More people seemed to pass through then than in December before Christmas, and a significant more interacted with my art!

My new cards, stickers, and clay art grabbed the majority of the attention. I had a couple paintings (insert flower and dolphin) that garnered the attention of children and adults alike. People were picking up my artwork and showing it off to their companions! I heard the love of the cuteness. Sadly only a handful of people had taken my art home, but I appreciate all the patrons who bought something and picked up a business card!!

Two lovely visitors even came by for a networking opportunities, and I'm so grateful that my artwork intrigued people to that level!

I'm loving my new setup as it shows more of my artwork to people too shy or unwilling to enter my booth. Not a lot of people stepped into my booth, and I'm not sure of the reason. Only one or two people flipped through my bins too. I understood that people would have liked my art but may not need it which would lead to a purchase. Not sure how to engage a person's curiosity though. It'd definitely be something to explore for the next event.

All in all, despite not making a lot of money, this was definitely my most successful event of the season so far. I hope to keep up the energy in February!!

But that's in February! I still have stuff to do this month!

What have I done so far these past couple weeks...well...


Now I need to edit the life out of it, have a couple people read it, and then it's off to be published on my patreon! I'm so excited. The next step would be to parse through the text and create a script for the comic pages! That's soon but not yet. I have other goals I want to complete this month!! I'm so happy it's finally done. :'D

I also uploaded my watercolor (and acrylic) paintings to the site!

I'm using my pad of watercolors from this day out for any projects I intentionally plan to watercolor. Trying to stretch the paper didn't work well, and I'm sad the paintings are all warped. I have plans to frame them, so they don't look so sad. These paintings and my other ones will be on sale. I just haven't sat down to take photos of them. I plan on working on that this weekend. :)

Along with the plant pictures, I have been working to do something Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess related each week. I have a few drawings in progress.

The first is a color study of a new character, Zoost. He's the ex-general of the Fifth Ruler.

The second I'm redoing a turn around study / character sheet for him. I'm trying to do more active stationary poses, but I also should be practicing turnarounds you'd see professionally.

​The third one is almost complete. There are a few more details I need to do. It's one of the slice-of-life images I like to do of the drawings. Goreestuv's been found tinkering with some of the droids. :>

I'd love to finish these work in progresses this upcoming week so I may work on Ginyin's character sheet/color study and work on my comic pages!

For The Dark Rose, I have some more exciting progress! I finished my turnaround drawing for Ninsen Davy Herman! He's becoming really fun to draw. I need to practice drawing him using his powers for sure!

Yes, I have him wearing Eli's jacket, but there's a reason for that! All will be revealed in the animation series! Hopefully. I still need to map out the story.

Drawing out this man's face has been a time and a half as well. I have a few more expressions to do, and I need to figure out how to be faster. It takes me about 30 minutes to line and color two of them if even that many. Hopefully just drawing him over and over again would help, but I'm also over obsessing in Painter which isn't helping.

After I finish these faces, all that's left to do is block out the story for The Dark Rose! I'm going to do a similar process I did with Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess. I'll use Freytag's pyramid and identify key points of the story. Since I don't plan on writing a book and going straight to screenplay, I'm going to need to review some screenwriting tips. xD; If I were writing a book, I have enough plots for two at the moment. There are going to be a handful of arcs/seasons in this animation. I'm excited!

Onto "Chicks and Ann"! My dad tweaked the ending of the storybook, so it wasn't so sad. All I have to do is mock up the scene in my style! That's something that could possibly be done this upcoming week.

As far as my biweekly animations go...*sweats*

There's been progress. Here's a work in progress on my second animation:

I have altered this a bit since this render, but in the version I am working on now, the animations is a bit choppy as I'm working to fix one of the faces. :'D

There's also a weird hitch in the end that I hope goes away when I render it in MoHo and not directly in Sketchbook Pro. Otherwise, that'll just be something I have to try to fix. I don't know who this character is. Originally it was going to be Kyrie, but Kyrie has large boxy hands. This'll just be a mysterious character I suppose. xD;

I think I found a way to get around Sketchbook's limited layers, but I don't know if it's the best way.

We'll see when I check in later~!

So left to go, I need to:

- Complete Goreestuv artwork.

- Complete Zoost's color study.

- Complete Zoost's character sheet.

- Create Ginyin's character sheet.

- Finish page 20 line art.

- Draft happy ending to children's book.

- Block out story arc for The Dark Rose.

- Complete face studies of Ninsen.

- Complete biweekly animation.

It may seem like a lot but 4 of 10 things will most likely be knocked out by this weekend which leaves less than a couple weeks to finish 6 of the remaining items. That's like 3 items per week. Easy peasy. I just have to be in the head space!

I'll probably do a double feature blog post next time! One will be about February goals and what's happening. The second would be wrapping up January and what I've done!

See you in a couple weeks!

Ja ne!

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