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Long time no see.

Monday, December 30, 2019

The year began to taper off for me June and July last year, so I don't have much of a year in review planned. I'm leaving behind the rocky ups and downs that was July 2019 - December 2019 and going into the New Year with a new plan!


I definitely tried to do a lot in the same amount of time. I had a plan of what to do, but nothing was really executed. As a result, I want to attempt a different strategy to complete my projects!


Like last year, my big projects will be the same:


Princess Paeosfu: Journeys of the Abstract Princess

The Dark Rose

"Chicks and Ann"

Supoya Starrain (working title)


Instead of working on each a little each month, however, I would like to focus a month on each project and rotate through the projects. 


For example, January, March, and May I would primarily work on my comic. I have concept art I'd like to and should create. There's the story I would like to write. A couple pages make me cringe, so I'd like to redo the composition of those, and creating new pages are a goal so that I may bring the comic out of the long hiatus!


February I will focus my energy onto the "Chicks and Ann" children's book, and in June, I'd like to finish making the animatic for The Dark Rose. In April I will take a break to work on any of the projects or art raffles or art requests.


I'll reassess my progress at the end of June/beginning of July to see if this month long dedication is more productive for me. 


I would also like to bring back semi-weekly animations. I enjoyed doing them. I have a few new characters who'd probably be alright being animated too! 


Well that's my plan. I hope to have something to show mid-January, but for now, ja ne~!



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