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January Check-In; Princess Paeosfu WIP

Happy New Year!!

Already time is flying by, we're over halfway through January, and I know I haven't been as productive as I would have liked to be. There was progress! Now I have a base to compare to for the rest of the month (and for the next 5 months even.)

As I said in my last blog, I will focus on artwork related to Princess Paeosfu: Journeys of the Abstract Princess this month.

So far, I have a couple character designs for characters that will make an appearance in the second chapter. The first I'm showing is Ginyin the co-commander with Zoost. I had created sketches a while back, and I really liked their design. I worked with the proportions a bit more and showed what their feet would look like.

I do plan on a full turnaround. That would be something I would hope to finish by the end of the month. Creating their character card would also be a nice goal! Once the designs and proportions have been completed, I may start on the chapter two cover page in March!

Another design I'm still playing with is Daya! She's the lead doctor in the rebel ranks. She was a recent addition to the story. I wanted to slow the pacing a bit and add more world building and explanation because I didn't really had an opportunity to explain the functions of the world within my previous plans for the story.

Daya's character design is still a work in progress. I know the face and hair is pretty much what I would like, but any details beyond that is still up in the air! I look forward to working more on her design and laying down some colors!!

The most recent development and work in progress is a still from the world of Tayavon. I have a lot of characters in my story. I drew out one of the transportation sites in chapter one of the comic. I had some vague sense of the world with a couple drawings featuring Zoost and Goreestuv and Yiskaña:

I wanted to explore more of the terrain and cityscape. Much of the story at the moment takes place inside buildings, but I would like to incorporate more scenic areas. If I can't squeeze them into this current story, I would like to expand more in the second!

Below is a rough sketch. I originally imagined Tayavon to be very sandy and dry with few vegetation patches. I decided it would have some mountain-like formations that the inhabitants dig or carve into in order to make their homes and buildings. I'd imagine these formations to be more similar to clay than rock.'s all a work in progress and I hope to figure out how I'd want to render this image!!

Rough sketch of a bird's eye view of Tayavon terrain.

That is all for the Princess Paeosfu updates. My ever thinking brain started another story idea regarding space thieves that I will do my best not to linger on much.

I had doodles of a new original species I am calling Byly (bee-lee) for now. This was a second iteration of the initial design. Her name is Migly.

The following image is my in progress poster attempt to star Rigby (the Byly on the right) and Nera, the cat lookin' creature in the center.

Nera's backstory is a work in progress. I was doodling characters and was loving his design. My little rule of thumb is if I drew a character two or more times, they have officially been adopted in my original character family. That said, the third creature fading into the background is this guy:

Everything's going to come full circle. Hopefully I can keep my main focus on Princess Paeosfu art development and think about this story while I lie awake at night!!!

I wouldn't hold my breath regarding those semi-weekly animations. I haven't had much ideas for them. Maybe there will be a surprise one in the next update~!

Either way, see you then~!

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