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A Mild Inconvenience

The fool thought this rocky path would stop my pursuit. With her dark curls dancing wildly in the wind, she looked down at me. A smile popped onto her chapped mouth. Carelessly she brushed the sweat off her brow and turned to disappear out of sight.

I examined the rocks like a feral cat planning her jump. The beautiful creatures may reach the summit with a single bound, yet I, a mere mortal human tied to this earth, had to make a cruder ascent. Blessed with light feet, I hopped from rock to rock, adjusting my weight to balance on my toes.

Oh how I wish someone was around to witness my dance. A smile grew on my lips as I jumped, dared to twirl, and hit every landing with the precision of a trained Olympian gymnast. At the top, I threw my hands in the air and bowed to my imaginary audience. Silly me. I chuckled. I was in the middle of a hunt.


Emily chooses very fun and/or beautiful imagery that elicits several responses from those in the writing community. I may not always participate with my own entry, but I enjoy the creativity found in her thread! Link to the thread for your perusal: May 05, 2021 #WorkshopWednesday thread.


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