- voice acting elder scrolls

- animate random thoughts

- stop motion paper animation

- simon curtis song

-   something based on the signs

- collage

- motion graphic

- animation

- vector graphic

- something based on the gods

- sun

- moon

- death

- life

- water

- weather

- seasons

- etc.



Special Abilities:

Favorite Things:





Mission Statement

The mission of Operation Studios is to use the media of games, digital and animated art, and creative writing to tell compelling stories of our own and fictional world. Through drawing inspiration from anything seen and everything heard and thoroughly exploring ideas from within oneself, new or synthesized ideas will emerge and be shared in the most exciting and creative ways. I strive to improve in each project for  future clients, the general public, and for myself.

Featured Works


Some of my work is currently featured on Bryan Stubbles' blog:

 Theatre Horror Stories!