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Starting back in June 2016, Operation Studios, most commonly referred to Operation: UGAWTS, was part of my vision to create an animation company while pursuing an engineering career. The vision shifted upon recognizing a potential for growth in all of my interests.

For now Operation: UGAWTS serves as a portfolio piece to showcase progress on projects and completed works. 


Ever since I was a young lass, I have been enchanted with animation, visual effects, and story telling. I've entered multiple short story contests from kindergarten to middle school and participated in online role playing forums to develop my knack for developing characters and plots. I can check off which American animated films I've seen or heard of and reveled in making original characters in those fictional worlds. I've been captivated by the fantastical environments and creatures conjured in text and cinemas and even daytime television shows.


Games like Animal Crossing and Pokemon inspired childhood playtime. I started brainstorming my own life simulator complete with a control manual and game guide. My elementary school class went crazy with my Harvest Moon inspired board game. After school we'd pull out sheets of paper as long as multiple desks and partake in day trading, land purchases, and general elementary schoolchildren antics before it all got out of hand and the teachers placed a stop to it.

Fast forward to now when college and extracurricular's took up most of my time, I look to my friends and other classmates work and inspirations. Ferrohound, Diana, and Tatvia.Art especially keep me going because not only are they ridiculously talented, but they're spectacularly awesome friendship is indescribable with words. :]


2D Traditional Art: Pencil, acrylic, watercolor, and air dry clay.

2D Digital Drawing: Corel Painter 2020 and Inkscape are primary applications. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are used on occasions. XP-Pen Artist 13.3 pen tablet.

2D Animating: Sketchbook Pro and Moho.

3D Animating: Maya 2015.

Editing: Adobe Premier.

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