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Heart to Heart


When he regained consciousness, Theodore found himself shirtless and handcuffed to a gurney.

“You really aren’t dead. Creepy. We’re taking you to Razor City Eastern hospital to have someone properly treat your gunshot wounds. You’ve lost a lot of blood, but I’ve done what I could to stop any more from spilling,” the EMT explained.

Her voice sounded familiar. Lazily blinking, Theodore rolled his head over to look at her. Weary from blood loss, he couldn’t show his surprise. To his left was an unaffiliated EMT and the officer that chased him down.

Their arms were folded, and the gun was holstered. Theodore wondered if he had the strength to disarm the officer and perhaps take an EMT hostage? Ugh, his mind was in a fog, and he could barely move his fingers.

The officer spoke, “Your buddies were arrested too. I don’t know who you guys are, but you’ve ruined this festival for the city and killed a good man.”

Theodore had no response. Alexis did his job and did it well. Boss would fuck with the police because he could, but for managing the crimes that did crop up, Alexis led a solid team. Boss assassinated him as a political favor to the mayor and maybe for his own gain.

Theo hated this.

Bastard was probably enjoying his victory with a bottle of wine while he had to—BAM!

The occupants in the cabin jerked forward as the ambulance was brought to a halt. Another collision and they were thrown to the side.

Theo heard gunshots outside the ambulance. Boss enjoyed victory wine while he had to be rescued. It’s the thought that counted…right?

He flinched hearing gunshots from inside the cabin. The EMT to his right had shot the others and winked down at him. She donned a white rabbit mask and replaced Theodore’s oxygen with his own mask.

“We drugged you up pretty good, so lean on me. Our ride’s the van we bumped into.” 

The EMT helped Theo out the gurney and exited the ambulance from the front seat. Once in the van, they took off and later transferred into a black truck.

Theodore didn’t remember the ambulance, van, or truck rides well. He dreamed of a burger, a hot bath, and a night’s sleep in a warm bed, but he was left to sleep on a neighbor’s couch when it was discovered his apartment keys weren’t on his person.



© 2021: Operation: UGAWTS || The Cat in Rabbit's Fur || Short Story ||

Heart to Heart

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