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Ilo Jelly Monsters

Or Ilo Jelly Monster Babies. I haven't quite decided on a final name yet, but they are cute, fun, and ready to play, so that's all that really matters, yeah?

Here you would find information about these cuties (and it doubles as a cheat sheet when I forget their names).

Ilo Jellies started as a LGBTQ+ project. I made Perler art of my own flags, and I saw little monsters in the abstract pieces. From there, I drew what I saw, and the Ilo Jellies were born!

perler inspiration.jpg

As more people request different flags, more Ilo Jellies spring into life. Inclusivity is the goal because I know how hard it is to find items with my own flags. 

That said, whether or not you're LGBTQ+, I hope you enjoy these monsters as much as I do!




Lesbian, Genderfluid, Nonbinary

The calmest of the bunch despite being the second born. Dancers, they make noises between a gurgle and a chirp when they're excited.

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