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Make an Art Request

I do free art *le gasp* during my streams. Art requests are first come, first serve. Depending on my schedule and how many requests I have, I may be able to do only one or two requests or they may be done only as sketches.

Art requests are not commissions. They are more suggestions of what to draw or practice exercises for me. If you want specific details to be met, please request a commission. At the bottom of this page are examples of the level of detail you may expect for art requests. Please read my rules. I will refuse any request if it becomes obvious you did not read them.


I appreciate tips for your request! 

Rules for Requests

Be respectful

  • I have zero tolerance for rudeness. I will attempt to clear up any confusion, but any further acts of disrespect will earn you a block.

  • This is free. I'm trading hours that I can be doing my own items for exposure that may or may not be there.

  • I say on my stream if requests are OPEN or CLOSED. Please respect what it says. There are times during my stream where I want to finish my own projects due to time sensitivity or my need to concentrate on it.

  • I can refuse your request. If you can't take no for an answer, I'll show you the door.


Requests are only done during my livestreams. Since I am not expecting monetary pay although tips are nice, I require you to follow me on social media or one of the livestream platforms and participate / watch my stream for at least half the time it takes for me to make your piece. From design to linework + color is about an hour. I require you to be there for at least 30 minutes for linework / colored pieces. I don't start on your work until you are present at the stream!

Line b/w a Request and Commission

  • Your request will fit on a small sticky strip. You’ll give me a 15 word or less description or a reference picture for me to kick off the drawing.

  • Poses, expressions, backgrounds, etc. is at my discretion. If you have a certain vision, feel free to convert the request into a commission.

  • Your request is a prompt. You may revert your request into a commission if you wish to guide me while I draw. I will request your guidance if needed.

  • The pieces won't be exquisitely detailed (i.e. distinguishable blades of grass, perfectly shaped scales, etc.) because I attempt to keep requests short an hour. 

  • You can request one character that may or may not be colored depending on what I want to do. Multiple characters will most likely not be colored. The maximum number of characters on a piece varies on a case by case basis. You may have unlimited amount of characters colored or not colored if you put in a commission.


What can I draw?

  • Not much unfortunately. My specialty is in creature design. I dabble with people, anthros, furries, backgrounds, and weapon design.

  • I am somewhat well-versed in popular culture, but at times I need references. I tend to look at the wiki pages for characters to avoid accidentally being influenced by other artists works. I would appreciate any pop culture reference pictures to come from official sources!

Part of a comic? Oooo or an animation?

Comics will rarely be done. I may do one strip, but it will be sketched. Maybe colored. 

I don't do animation requests.

A little sexy? A little gory? A little bit of both?

I can’t do NSFW requests on my streams. I can make a SFW drawing on the stream as a request, and add NSFW elements offline. You should receive your completed piece by the end of the day / next morning.


I have other items on the agenda. Your piece may or may not include a background. It’s up to my discretion.


I’ve learned that I much enjoy choosing poses that I’m comfortable with. If you have an ideal pose, feel free to make the request into a commission.

Tips are  greatly appreciated, and it shows that you enjoy my work. :)


Please sir, may I have another?

If you do really enjoy your art request (which I love to know!) you are free to request another, but please be courteous! I'm human, and I do have my limits.

  • You may have up to 5 colored requests with additional requests being sketches. ​

  • Typically you may make 1 request per stream; however, for longer streams you may request another picture!

Updated May, 16, 2018

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