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Project List

Neo's Heist Club

Neo wanted more from his life. Being a petty criminal only left him local newspapers. He wanted the high life everyone else in his circle seemed to have, so hestepped out of his comfort zone and looked around for allies that would aid him in pulling off interspacial newsworthy heists.

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Princess Paeosfu: Journeys of the Abstract Princess

Tayavon has been invaded. While the rulers confront the external problem, rebellion brews on the planet. The Tayans demand why they must suffer when they lived peacefully and happily for so many Milky Moons. They are infuriated their rulers tell them nothing about the invaders. Most importantly, their views of the rulers being immortal had been shattered. Three of the five rulers had been killed. One is attempting to maintain the peace. The other is working in the shadows.

Princess Paeosfu and her allies uncover the truth behind the invasion and search for the missing Tayans.

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Sewn Friends

[sewn friends world name] hasn't always been peaceful. Recent power vacuum with the current queen stepping down, but many seem reluctant to get the crown. Everyone who tries seems to be threatened with death.

Needle and Berru  intend to get to the bottom of the mysterious force ripping plushies apart to safely secure their position on the throne.

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