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Princess Paeosfu:

Journeys of the Abstract Princess


Tayavon has been invaded. While the rulers confront the external problem, rebellion brews on the planet. The Tayans demand why they must suffer when they lived peacefully and happily for so many Milky Moons. They are infuriated their rulers tell them nothing about the invaders. Most importantly, their views of the rulers being immortal had been shattered. Three of the five rulers had been killed. One is attempting to maintain the peace. The other is working in the shadows.
Princess Paeosfu and her allies uncover the truth behind the invasion and search for the missing Tayans.


Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, War

Age Group:

Older Teen, New Adult, Adult

Other Information:

Additional information about the story, characters, and the world, may be found on the Princess Paeosfu information page. Visuals for this story is being made into a comic.

Journal One: Getting My Bearings

I am currently writing the individual chapters of the story and publishing them once they are edited. Chapters will be posted here. 

Updated March 28, 2024

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