BNHA Cats Prints

BNHA Cats Prints


Monster cats decided to cosplay as some of your favorite MHA characters!


Bakugo and Aizawa are 4 x 6" prints.

Shinsou and Overhaul and Eri are 8 x 8" prints.



My Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia



Bakugo Katsuki "Kacchan"

Hitoshi Shinsou

Aizawa Shota "Eraserhead"

Chisaki Kai "Overhaul"




Cosplay, Crossover, Superhero, 

  • Details

    • Material

      Printed on cardstock.

    • Other

      Watermark is not included on final print!

      8 x 8" Prints have FREE US shipping!

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