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Eleven Warlords of the Sea

Eleven Warlords of the Sea


Pirates who held the title of "Warlord of the Sea" within the world of One Piece.


Some renounced their titles; others had lost it. The World Government thought it fitting to have seven at the time, so the group collectively are referred to as the Seven Warlords of the Sea.



Buggy the Star Clown

Sir Crocodile

Dracule Mihawk

Donquixote Doflamingo

Trafalgar Law

Gecko Moria

Jinbei / Jinbe

Boa Hancock

Bartholomew Kuma

Marshall D. Teach / Blackbeard

Edward Weevil

  • Details

    • Material

      This is a 4 x  6"  and 12 x 18" print.

      Printed on glossy cardstock.


    • Watermark is not included on final print.

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