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Gayle F. Crofton Battle Suit Print

Gayle F. Crofton Battle Suit Print


Gayle F. Crofton, often referred to as experiment 0045-2001, is a synthetic superhuman. In addition to having boosted strength, speed, and healing abilities, she's been armed with ice make powers. Her powers are unstable at best, but she can use the chaotic nature to her advantage.


This is one idea of a battle suit outfit. Since she can create only so much ice by herself, she has an attachment that'll suck in the water from the air and make it available for her use.



Mech, Cyborg, Sci-fi Art, War, Original Character, Portrait

  • Details

    • Material

      This is an 8 x 10" print.

      Printed on cover cardstock paper.

    • Other

      Watermark is not included on final print!

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