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One Piece Portrait Stickers

One Piece Portrait Stickers


Rivals, enemies, and allies to the future pirate king and his crew!


Featuring characters:

Warlords and Emperors

  • Shanks
  • Buggy
  • Crocodile
  • Trafalgar D. Law


Straw Hat Allies

  • Yamato
  • Princess Vivi
  • Eustass Kidd
  • ASL - Ace, Sabo, and Luffy



  • Smoker
  • Tashigi



  • Perona
  • Panda Man
  • Details


    • Tested against oily and wet applications. Not dishwasher friendly.
    • Size: ~4" tall. 
    • Material: Weatherproof sticker paper with cold laminate seal.
    • Water resistant. 
    • Not scratch resistant.
    • May fade in the sun.
  • Standard Shipping Not Tracked!

    US and International standard shipping for stickers are sent in an envelope without tracking

  • ASL Sticker Details

    The Ace, Sabo, Luffy sticker is made of weatherproof vinyl that can be placed wherever you want these troublemakers!

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