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Screaming Bakery Prints

Screaming Bakery Prints


They only want to be eaten, but it's hard to eat paper...and probably won't taste good. Hey, they'll make fine conversation partners!



Caramel Cheesecake, Cherry Pie, Vanilla Cupcake, Blueberry Muffin

  • Details

    • Material

    Cupcake, muffin, and cheesecake are 8 x 8" prints.

    Pie is an 8 x 10" print.

    • Printed on cover cardstock paper.


    • Watermark is not included on final print!
  • Text

    Cheesecake: "I'm so sweet that it hurts!"

    Pie: "I know I'm DELICIOUS. I was made with love!"

    Muffin: "To be eaten is my destiny!"

    Cupcake: "[redacted], I'm a whole snack."


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