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Supoya Snake Transformed Print

Supoya Snake Transformed Print


"This is only my first form. I can become stronger."

Supoya Starrain the Grandmaster Wizard!


When wizards gain high trust with their familiars, they may complete a type of fusion that allows them to gain the abilities of their familiars. Training is required since incompatability can lead to death of both the wizard an their familiar.


In order to spar on equal footing with Oxiviti, Supoya casts the fusion spell on themselves.



Portrait, Original Character, Enby, Nonbinary character, snake, wizard, magician

  • Details

    • Material

      This is an 8 x 10" print.

      Printed on cover cardstock paper.

    • Other

      Watermark is not included on final print!

  • Button Details

    These are 1.5" diameter pinback buttons!

    They are hand-pressed with love.

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