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Smokehead Skull Paper Keychain

Smokehead Skull Paper Keychain


An entity that is not very whole but complete at the same time. I'd be careful to breathe in that gas.




Horror art, monster, traditional art, copic marker

  • Paper Keychain Details

    • Material

    This is an approximately 5" tall print.

    Protected with a heat laminate.

    Printed on cardstock.

    • Other

    Prints come with a punched hole and metal clip.

    Mini lanyards and keyrings may be provided upon request.

  • Sticker Details

    Ideal for indoor, dry surfaces! Tested on oily and wet surfaces.

    Size: ~4.5" tall. They are handcut with love.

    Material: Weatherproof vinyl sticker with cold laminate seal.


    Not scratch resistant.

    May fade in the sun.

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