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Princess Paeosfu: Journeys of the Abstract Princess


As characters are introduced in the comic, their bios will appear on this page! As they are developed in the story, more information will be added to their bios!

As a note, Tayans are asexual beings. Gendered pronouns and other words do not exist in their vocabulary, but I use it as a convenience here and in my comic!

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Updated June 13, 2019

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Princess Paeosfu
Princess Paeosfu

Abilities: Can transform into a 2-D form.

Affiliation: Neutral party

Pronunciation: Pay-aws-fu

Princes Paeosfu is the main character of Princess Paeosfu: Journeys of the Abstract Princess. She is the daughter of the Fourth Ruler of Tayavon (Tie-ay-vahn) and is currently under the watch of the Third Ruler of Tayavon. 

Paeosfu is loud and present. She engages with her kingdom in practically every aspect and refuses to allow anyone to speak for her. Initially coming off shallow since her interests are many and diverse yet simple and fleeting, Paeosfu is passionate about the little people and their successes and failures and to employ an infrastructure that solidifies a community from the bottom up.

The princess enjoys riding anything motorized and can move and volunteering to improve the lives of the less fortunate despite change and forward thinking being illegal. Chaos both pains and invigorates her. Of course, she likes everything else to a simple extent.

Paeosfu dislikes Tayavon’s creatures that have evolved and had exponentially grown in population due to no one being willing to quell the problem. They spread diseases and destroy structures that she doesn’t want destroyed.

Paeosfu’s dream is to rebuild the utopia that she remembered vaguely as a young girl or at least manage a civilization where no person’s status is solely determined by their worth as established by an equally or less worthless ruling class.

Third Rule Goreestuv
Third Ruler : Goreestuv

Abilities: Levitation and capacitor capabilities.

Affiliation: Kingdomship / Imperial

Pronunciation: Gor-ee-stuhv

Third Ruler Goreestuv rebelled against the leadership of the Fourth, First, and Second ruler and aided Fifth Ruler to restructure how Tayavon was run. This sentient Tayan droid runs the internal Tayan operations.

Goreestuv is rash and quick to anger. Occasionally Third Ruler appears to act on impulse since very few confidants are available to which Goreestuv explains the complete rational behind decisions. The scepter he carries helps to ground his electrifying abilities, yet it has a dual purpose to channel his powers in a more focused attacked. Despite using the scepter, his magic does overflow and affect surrounding organisms.

goreestuv card.jpg
Prince Yiskana
Prince Yiskaña

Abilities: Unknown.

Affiliation: Neutral party leaning Kingdomship / Imperial

Pronunciation: Yee-skah-nya

Yiskaña is the Third Ruler's creation and current heir to the Third's title. As a sentient droid, Yiskaña assists in some of the day-to-day operations. He is allowed limited field visits due to restrictions on his build.


Abilities: Unknown.

Affiliation: Rebellion

Pronunciation: Roe-skahv-nah

Roskavna used to work in the gardens--inspecting the imports and exports and helping to ensure their planet brought in no incompatible species. She was one of the few Tayans who witnessed the death of the Fourth Ruler and joined the rebellion cause. With her experience in the gardens, she learned how to program the droids. With time she became one of the leading specialists. 


Roskavna is one of Princess Paeosfu's closest allies and advocates. She persuaded the others to have the princess as their primary communication channel to what's happening within the Imperial ranks.

roskavna card.jpg
Dr. Timoti Charleton

Abilities: None.

Affiliation: Rebellion

Pronunciation: Tim-o-tee Charl-ton

Dr. Charleton is a human doctor who found himself in alliance with the Tayan rebels. He has troubles gaining the trust of the Tayans, but he has successfully worked with a number of Tayans.

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