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Back at it again!

The past several weeks has been really rough on my muse and motivation to do anything artistic. However lately, that artistic spark has been rekindled, and I am really excited to get all the ideas jumping in my head out on paper.

I won't be able to set out everything I wanted to do this summer, but I aim to finish a few projects.

Adam Lambert Music Video based on his song Broken Pieces.

- An initial storyboard has been created.

- I still need to explore character designs. I aim to at least have an animatic before school starts.

Finishing up the first scene in Ethereal Nights

- I found out that after I gather the main reference material for the backgrounds, I can whip out a background within a few hours.

- My partner has been working on a script, and I found using that to guide my artwork really helps me out! For example the girl shown is concept art for the main character. I have two other poses I need to do, and I may even have to change up her outfit, hair, face, etc. to suit the vision of my friend! She was really fun to draw and great practice for line art!

- So in addition to finishing up the other two poses for Moon, I need to make a pose for her dad, and a couple poses for her sister. I'm excited!

First few pages of Prince Flux comic

- I scribbled down really quick a first few panels that had popped in my head, but I'm going to need to sit down and come up with a script in order to move forward. As mentioned before, a script really helps me out rather than creating a story from images. That said, I have drawn a few poses of the Abstract Princess that would fuel my inspiration. :]

I'm hopeful that I will be able to finish these three tasks along with doing side animations, drawings, and concept art. Honestly, I've been inspired so much this summer from seeing my other friends' work, attending the gaming convention, and collecting a lot of reference books! I'm doing my best to read the books I have before they have to return to the library on Monday, but I already plan on checking them out or actually purchasing them again before the summer ends!

Again I'm super excited, and I can't wait to share my work with you! :) Ja ne!

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