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Ameldaline - 2nd Act Completed

Ahead of schedule, I have finished the second act of the music video Ameldaline! I'm leaning towards keeping the name since I like the sound of it. Below is the updated video! I'm going to go through and fix a few frames I have done, see if I can add a few more in betweens and start on the final act! I'm so excited to be sharing this with you. :)

I have started to also work on the script for the Princess Flux comic! I'm going to go through some revisions to the first chapter. After I get enough, I'm going to start drafting the first few comics I'll be releasing.

In the meanwhile, I"m going to work on tracing and coloring in some Steven Universe fanart. I have other fanart lying around I may dig up for some drawing and shading practice. I also have several original characters I may bring to surface too.

This weekend is going to be very productive! :)

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