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Ameldaline and Other Updates

August is here! Summer school is over, and I can taste the sweet sweet release of productivity!

I fell a little behind on the Ameldaline - Adam Lambert music video, but I just finished putting all three acts together! Now I just need to edit a few frames, add a couple more keyframes, animate this and that, and the animatic should then be complete!

In the unknown future I may revisit the project and actually work through animating it. Just doing that would take a couple more months. Think about it. If it takes me 6 weeks just to make an animatic, how many weeks will it take to make this 3 minute animation??? Probably 6 weeks for the first act alone. x]

I am also finishing up coloring some Steven Universe fanart with my original character! I have a couple things I wish to adjust, but it is nearly done! Another hour or two with it, and it should be completed!

"Chapter One: The Survivors" is now up on writer's cafe for those who have an account and are interested in a sorta novel adaptation of the comic book. I'm going to break that down into a comic structure and start working on the comic series. :) I also really want to do a random comic series with my madness faerie character. Like a 3 panel type of deal.

I really should keep to my three goals of finishing an Adam Lambert music video, finishing up the first scene of Ethereal Nights the visual novel, and the "Princess Flux" comic, but I stumbled across the fact that github can host online websites. I may see what I can do with that. I am also working on my dad's children's book. That's going along slowly...

Oh well. With only research taking up like 6 hours of my 24 hour day, I'm excited to see what progress I can do in my remaining days of summer!

Ja ne!

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