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What now?

I have reached a major milestone this weekend! I had finished the animatic for Ameldaline. *lots of applause* I am so proud of myself for finishing a self-guided animation task without the need to be in a classroom. It was a personal goal for me, and I'm thrilled to have done it!

I have posted a version on YouTube with my own piano insert. By no means am I a pianist. I am hardly a musician. I just wanted to put up something 100% mine!

I have also uploaded the version with Adam Lambert's vocals on Vimeo along with the one with my original music. I am just thrilled!

In my crazy ambition to complete items, I have also started working on the Princess Flux - Journeys of the Abstract Princess comic which should be posted by tomorrow!

I've also worked on Ethereal nights to make some progress. I have to revise Moon's sister, but after that, I'm going to work on the dad. :] If you follow me on Twitch , you can see my past stream drawing her and my progress on the comic.

So far I have compiled speed drawings of the comic panels, and when I get the chance later, I'll probably do a speed drawing of Moon's sister, Chris, since I'm practicing with new video editing software.

Now that I have finished the Adam Lambert Music Video, what next?

Well I planned on doing a lip sync project, but with everything going on and school starting soon, I had reduced the scope from 20 to 30 seconds to a project in my animation book. It's less exciting, but I'll work to maybe spruce it up a bit. The project calls for approximately eight hours of work into it, but I'm going to schedule to have this done in two weeks just to relieve some pressure since I am working on a few other art projects.

Did I mention there is a whole lot of cover art I have to make? ^^;

So here's a rough timeline of the Lip Sync project:

August 12 - Record 5 seconds of audio. Brainstorm situation for that audio. August 13 - create character sheets. August 14 - 15 - Create storyboard

August 16 - 18 - block out background. August 18 - 21 - block out characters. August 22 - 26 - lip sync!

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Ja ne!

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