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A whole month, huh?

Yeah. I guess it has been at least a whole month since I last updated. Tomorrow's the first day of October, and I'm ready to participate in the inktober and Halloween themed art challenges. I tell myself that, but I'm not sure if I can do something for each day. We'll see! You can follow my Twitter, <a></a> , or my Instagram, <a></a> , for post updates. I'll do my best to update my blog, but I may just be swept aside with work and won't have five or ten minutes to type out my thoughts to the Internet.

I definitely did go missing for the month of September due to my obligations as career fair co-director at my school. We brought over 200 companies to the career fair, and I had to directly oversee three committees while helping out six other committees to ensure a two day event went as smoothly as possible. I became stressed since school was being placed on the back burner, and I had team projects galore. I spent some time catching up, but this weekend I still have to catch up a little more.

I did spend a couple hours updating the website with the game art I did in my game development class. Since we will be working in 2D for the next few projects, I'm going to refamiliarize myself with Maya and maybe blender to ensure I am ready for those projects. Hopefully I'll be able to present some interesting work for you guys. Other than that, I may do some other artwork and do some planning for my senior thesis that I'll share across my social media.

That's about it from me. Again, hopefully I can be able to update on some sort of schedule. The day is somewhat still young! I'm hoping to be able to roll out some more content in the future. Thanks to everyone following me on my journey. I appreciate it!

Ja ne!

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