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My head in the clouds

A few real life things had cropped up and demanded my attention that I would otherwise use in making art. One of them being a family reunion which I deeply enjoyed. As you could probably surmise, I was out of town last week, so I couldn't provide updates last week. Also being on a trip, I didn't really spend much time doing many art things. I even wasn't able to finish the Amino animation art challenge to animate something with the theme of fire.

I did manage to explore a few characters in my mind, and I'm hoping to write everything down formally. Since writing things down is the first step in brining ideas into fruition, I will provide an overview of my thoughts from the past few days.

I have two characters created in my early teenage years for medieval fantasy role plays. The first is Zcar, a dragon who can turn into a human and has the ability originally to breathe weapons as opposed to fire. Recently I decided that he can also breathe out a thick hot smoke with an occasional flicker of fire. If he is not firing weapons at the time, a little metal will dribble from his mouth.

The second is his companion, a fire elf who is also a dragon rider. Currently a male since these characters were created at the time where no one would play male characters if they were female, I've considered changing the gender to a female. I've also considered changing the name from Ozymandius to something else. I probably pulled the name from my subconscious thinking I was clever since Ms. Shelley's poem has no relation to the character. I like "Auzzy" as a nickname, so I may keep it. Not sure yet!

Anyway Zcar and Auzzy are bounty hunters who tend to deliver the bounty dead in the "Dead or Alive" scenarios. They've been cursed to have a personality swap, so Zcar tends to be the more level-headed, calm one while Auzzy is the more literate and greedy of the two. I've never really gotten far with developing these characters since the role play usually ends early, but I have thought through scenarios with them in the past.

Fast forward to April 2015, and I had the opportunity to actually role play these two again!

Here was the direction / plot of the role play my partner and I agreed on:

So As the Story Goes . . . . . . the world was once a mixing pot of different fantastical creatures fit for the modern day storybooks. One of the larger, more cunning, and legendary species dominated the airspace, the mountains, and the seas. Their powers were unchecked. They could be ruthless. They can be partners. They can take the shape of any mortal human and become a fierce entity just as quickly. Dragons were outdated though. As they continued to evolve by abiding the the rules of evolution, humankind accelerated in their technologies and in the art of manipulation. Species fell or even disappeared. Others were captured and sold for mere entertainment. Even the untamed, the large, the more cunning, and the most legendary of species became domesticated to the point of repulsive submissiveness. Two draconic clans would fight against the third controlled by power hungry humans ruling with fear and destruction in order to attain the civilization we know today. The clans lost. Most of the dragons died. Those just barely holding onto their last breath and those slightly more fortunate had their draconic powers sealed. They were placed to sleep and scattered around the world. When they awake, their memories would have been suppressed, so they live their lives among humans thinking they are humans. But what happens when one wishes to undo the seal?

This plot called for Zcar to be married and have a love interest which wasn't really in the cards for him. I haven't imagined him with a gentle side for love. Forget about him being in any clan! So ignoring the love interest and royalty aspect, I explored the modern day aspect. I've been building on it off and on over the years. Recently I had revisited Zcar discovering who he truly is by including a more recent character: Theodore Kyrndrome. Theo is a werecat who can transform into a snow leopard and is now canonically a member of Rift, a mafia organization.

Theo aids Auzzy in unlocking Zcar's abilities and later has to save Auzzy and Zcar after Zcar loses control and transforms into a dragon in the middle of busy highway and they're both captured by an organization studying fantasy creatures.

What is great about this is now I'm really able to group some of my characters into a single world. The stories about Daury Invire and his daughter can be tied to this world. I've debated whether or not to merge Leek and the wizarding world, and I'm leaning towards yes.

After I finish the magic teaser trailer, I'd like to make a teaser trailer for this world. I have to make the characters first though! I tried drawing out Ozymandius on the plane yesterday, and I wasn't happy with the design. That's a problem for another day! I have other projects that I need to finish first, but I'll place it in the queue!

On a different note, I now have added 3 new speed paints to my Youtube channel, and I appreciate the views! I need to keep editing videos so I can keep up with weekly Sunday posts! I also have to do a better job alerting people.

Anyway, here is to a creatively productive week!

See you next week, hopefully!

Ja ne!

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