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Ba de ya, dancing in September, ba de ya, saying goodbye to August.

Just like that August has come and gone. Well there are still two(2) days left, but it really went by quickly! The little ones are back to school, and I’m still at home. It’s so strange. I’m not taking any breaks in my own learning! Don’t you worry!

I’m just going to rapid fire through the August goals and reflections since frankly, I didn’t finish them all and my last blog is still valid for my current state of progress.

I have worked more on Elliot Roseberry’s character sheet. I included colors, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep those colors.

I’m going to let them simmer for a bit, focus on the other parts of the character sheets, and return to the color palette and adjust if necessary. There are eighteen (18) expressions and fifteen (15) poses I planned out for him, so I’ll be busy busy busy! And that’s all right. I need all the hype I can get for this animation.

I found it funny that at the beginning of the month I was happy to settle for writing a story after the trailer was completed. Now I’m feeling a series is necessary and at minimum a comic. I really don’t want to do it by myself though. ☹ I don’t have money to pay anybody to help either. *le sigh* Maybe in graduate school I can find a person or two willing to help me out. At least for voices…maybe.

In regards to the stream, I finished all of the emotes while watching / listening to Toonami, so all of those are completed!

They are all deployed in my discord channel and soon on! I have to receive Twitch affiliate status to use them on my twitch status. Feel free to follow me on twitch and watch my streams to help me out! :D

Unfortunately with the weird formatting of wix blogs, I can’t insert them in conversation. I can use them over on deviantart which is great. xD; I may revisit the emotes and touch them up a bit, but for now, they’re ready to go!!

So about that “making bank” goal, I’m going to complete that commission sheet today. I started working on an adoptable the other day, but I was so caught up in the technology that progress was slow. Again, I’d probably take to my sketchbook, sketch there, and only worry about the line art and coloring digitally. :)

And finally, I’m happy to say that I’ve reached most of my goals for “growing my base!” The art collaborations didn’t happen, but the art trades did! I’m still waiting for my partners to reciprocate. I trust rhagespurplepanda, but the other two are making me tempted to hop on the “mutuals only” train. Heck I may also put my stamp all over it and give a smaller resolution and promise the larger resolution and without watermark version until I receive their end. You live and learn, ya know? I’m working on a fourth art trade which I’m hoping to be more ambitious on because I really appreciate my partner! I feel like he was there since the beginning, so I want to do something extra special! I just have to hope my art skills is to par haha. I’m definitely sketching out his piece on paper and completing it digitally because I won’t have the patience otherwise. xD;

I had also completed my fourth art challenge! I had to submit a drawing or animation representing how the Animation and MAP amino affected me. I decided to draw something regarding the weekly animation challenges they hosted in May/June! I attempted to do lineless art. It’s not the best, but I’m happy with it. My favorite parts are the curtains! xD;

To see the referenced animation, check out my gif page!

And that’s it for this month! I did ask for a lot and considering the amount of time I had, it did seem like a lot in hindsight. Of course, I created those goals with the thought that I would be waking up at 5 or 6:00 in the morning, so I would be able to do those drawings or not be as tired from 9 to 11:00 PM to do sketches then. Things change I suppose. *le sigh*

So what’s happening for next month?

Well there’s a comic convention that’ll knock out about three days of work, but that’s all right! I’m hoping to learn a whole bunch about comic making, story telling, character design, and become inspired by the artists who come to artist alley!

For the rest of the days, I’ll be aiming to complete the August goals I couldn’t quite reach.

Last week I laid out a plan for how I’d tackle Sketchtember, but with the lack of challenge boards and the hype with Inktober, I’m going to push my Sketchtember idea back to Inktober. If there are some challenge boards that crop up, I’ll do maybe one or two, but it won’t be a goal to complete the entire month.

In sort of place of that, I’m going to do “skill-up weekends” where I spend two (2) hours over the weekend working on honing a new technique or trying something different than my usual digital shenanigans. My goal is to have completed works by the end of the two (2) hours. They don’t have to be grandiose. These are simply exercises.

Feel free to participate in “skill-up weekends” with me!

  • Week one: shading / dynamic color

  • Week two: lineless art

  • Week three: texture – nature, skin, clothing, etc.

  • Week four: modeling in blender

  • Week five: human anatomy

My next goal involves the character sheets of The Dark Rose.

  • Work on Elliot Roseberry’s character sheets (nine (9) expressions, four(4) poses).

  • Complete Ninsen Herman’s turnaround sheet and possible color study.

  • Complete Galsina’s turnaround sheet and possible color study.

I’d like to complete the animatic as well, but I believe the voices of the characters will come to me once I visualize what they look like and I explore them more through character development.

To continue on the stream goal, I want to create new title cards starring my original characters! These can be resized to be posters, and I really want to add more original work to my redbubble store!

I am going to remake the following title cards:

  • Offline – it’s currently similar to my starting card. I currently have this drafted. I just need to scan it in. It’ll probably be the first one to be completed.

  • Be right back – This is currently drafted. I need to work on it a bit more, however.

  • End card – No work has been done for this other than assigning the characters who will appear. They may actually change since the chemistry between the current characters is nonexistent.

  • I may or may not add a technical difficulty or scene change card. It depends on how much time I have.

The final goal “making bank” is going to stay relatively the same. I just won’t have to worry about the commission sheet since that’d be done today.

  • I’m still going to make four (4) adoptables.

  • They will most likely be me remaking old original characters and selling them.

  • Tap in the gaming market by drawing:

  • My Mabinogi character and

  • Grand Theft Auto character

With the data restrictions on our Internet, I don’t want to eat through all of it through game updates.

If I happen to get through these goals early, I’ll open up to art trades and art collaborations. I’m attempting to stay away from art requests since they really take a lot out of me. I’m hoping opening up my schedule will permit me to do more art challenges, but I’d probably use the free time to create things for art raffles and such. 😊

That’s it for this week! Hopefully there will be progress by the time I see you guys next week!

Já ne!

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