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Funding the Ilo Jelly Monsters Project

If you had been following me on my twitter account (and less so on my Instagram account ), I've been developing a new product line called the -Ilo Jelly Monsters inspired by some Perler art I did over winter break.

Perler art of abstract monsters. They use the pride colors, gender fluid colors, and ace colors from left to right.
Perler art that started it all.
A promotional image displaying cards for my Ilo Jelly Monsters. Niilo is on top. Then on the bottom row is Goilo, Ichilo, Shilo, Sanilo, and Rokilo.
(Old) Promotional Material for Ilo Jelly Monsters

Side note: They were renamed from -Ilo Jelly Babies since apparently Jelly Babies already existed as a candy. These little guys are not edible~!


For the non-LGBTQIA+ variants, I would like to create an accessory line featuring small and large (?) bags and maybe stationery.

I've been practicing with some of these patterns. I have also an excess amount of clear vinyl material for clear pouches! I'm pretty excited to bring more 3D items to my product catalogue!

But with Pride in June, I would like to first create some stickers of the LGBTQIA+ variants and would need help raising funds for it if I were to go through a third party ( Sticker Yeti ) versus posting them on Redbubble. I'm initially going to see if there is even an interest in the Ilo Jelly Monster sticker variants before opening pre-orders. If people are interested in purchasing, I'll set up a pre-order sheet. If not, I'll put them on Redbubble.


Pros of pre-ordering / allowing me to control inventory:

  • Stickers will be less expensive.

    • $1 for pre-orders.

    • $1.50 for regular sale

  • Small about 2" (~5.10 cm) on the longest side.

  • Directly supporting the artist.

    • The return on each sale is higher if I use my own store versus Redbubble.

    • I also include a small free print with your order!

    • I can sell stickers at a lower price at my in-person events.

Pros of going through Redbubble:

  • International audience.

  • Can choose sticker size.

    • Starts at about 3" (~7.62 cm) on the longest side.

  • Order anytime and bundle with other artists' stickers for group discounts.

I can do both, so I'm mostly checking to see if anybody's interested in buying directly from me! I'll need about $71 to purchase from Sticker Yeti. I can supplement some of the funds. I don't want to pay for it all like I did with my transparent DnD stickers.

Side note: Though to be fair, I did sell a few at my last event.


Schedule for Pre-Orders

If people were interested in buying directly from me, pre-orders would be open Mid-April to May 11, 2021 or until the $71 funding goal is reached.

If more than $71 was raised, I would like to contribute some funds to making Wizard LGBTQIA+ Cat stickers. They'd take about $31 more, but I'm willing to help with the cost depending on how much more was raised.

With about a 7 day turn around time for Sticker Yeti to deliver the stickers, pre-ordered stickers will head out the week of May 17, 2021 and hopefully be available in time for Pride!


If there is little to no interest / pre-order sales, I'll be refunding the pre-orders and sticking to Redbubble. Stickers would be available once I've acquired funding.


I have sold a few of my Ilo Jelly Monster bookmarks, and I'll make them available for sale on my personal and storenvy store to help supplement the costs.

Bookmarks featuring my Ilo Jelly Monsters.
Bookmarks debuted at my last event.

I can make customizable bookmarks for different pride colors too.

I need to figure out formatting to see if I can stick Ilo Jelly Monsters on a button for another avenue of sale, but I'll try to become creative with prints too!

Either way, the sticker sheet is ready to be sent! All I need is the funding:

Note: Ilo Jelly Monster Variations near the end of this blog.

Sticker Sheet to Send to Sticker Yeti


So if you haven't voted on Twitter or Instagram yet, you may fill out this google form anonymously!

.And if you don't want a sticker or anything and simply want to contribute, my ko-fi is available for donations! Thank you in advance.

That is all. I hope people are interested in some fun Pride stickers! If not, they'll quietly wait on redbubble. Below are the Ilo Jelly Monster variations!


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