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It's a new time...

Six weeks! That's all I got to whip out projects. It's how long I have to build a robot, I can do something artistic or technical in six weeks. First project is to make things for Princess Flux, a video game started by a group of homies, but it didn't quite take off.

The following is a breakdown of my schedule. Can I do it? I bet I can. :]

Week one: Princess Paeosfu character sheet completed

Day One: Personality analysis; Rough Sketch of key poses (full, side, 3/4, back)

Day Two: Rough Sketch of Personality poses (five)

Day Three: Clean Up sketches of poses

Day Four: Scanning and Black and White interpretation

Day Five: Color Interpretation

Day Six: Coloring Finished

Day Seven: Polished

Week two: Princess Paeosfu guard one character sheet completed

See Week one

Week three: Princess Paeosfu guard two character sheet completed

See Week one

Week four: 2D Map Layout and colored

Day One: Find current room pictures & scan in; rough draft of remaining rooms

Day Two: Clean Up sketches

Day Three: Finish cleaning up sketches and scan in.

Day Four: Black and white outline of sketches

Day Five: Color in sketches

Day Six: Color in sketches

Day Seven: Finish layout color

Week five: 2D prop sheet completed.

Day One: Make a preliminary list of props

Day Two: Add more props!

Day Three: Rough of 20 props

Day Four: Rough of 20 props

Day Five: Scan in props and black and white outline of props

Day Six: Color Props

Day Seven: Finish coloring in props

Week six: Princess and her supporting cast are standing in her ship.

Day One: Finish what's left

Day Two: Finish what's left

Day Three: List out sounds

Day Four: Finish list of sounds. Find 20 sounds

Day Five: Find 20 sounds

Day Six: Find music

Day Seven: Generate Puzzle ideas

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