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Quarterly Updates?

Eek. At this rate, these blog updates might as well be every three months.

I've decided to use this as a space to write down my ideas and goals since that is the first step in seeing them into fruition! Write those ideas down.

June is quickly descending upon us, and I'd like to pose some art related goals for the month.

  • Finish Kyrie's 20 Day Art Challenge.

  • I am currently on Day 5 of 20, and I'm hoping to finish up to Day 7 or 8 today.

  • Finish adding lyrics to my senior thesis animation.

  • The lyrics aren't too bad. I'm already on scene 2 of 5. If Adobe After Effects cooperates, I should be able to bang that out in a day or two.

  • Complete a month's worth of pages for Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess.

  • I currently have 2 pages roughed out. The third page will be "filler content" which will most likely be a character spotlight either on the princess or a handful of the Tayans. I would have to work on breaking up the current story a bit more for comic material as well.

  • Finish storyboarding for my magic teaser trailer.

  • I haven't touched it much since January. I believe now would be a great time to work on it some more!

Those are the main art projects I will be working on for now. I may stream some of the Kyrie Art Challenge pieces and the Princess Flux pages, but I may work traditionally for those.

Other projects in store are pulled from my schedule I made last year. I want to work more with animations, so I want to work more on my lip sync project, and polish a few animations I had started earlier this month.

I want to try my hand at doing a music video again since that was fun. I want to use computer tweening this time around though! I also need to work on making pages for my more relaxed slice of life, Pit Pat Valley. I need to find more inspiration for that. I do that comic in mini arcs, so I'm currently stuck in one arc. I may come back to it later and explore my other ideas for the comic!

Hopefully my updates won't be few and far in between. I really am going to make it a goal to update more often!

Anyway, hope to see you all soon!

Ja ne~!

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