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Keeping it Steady

June is finally here, and little to no headway has begun since I last updated. At least there is some progress? I'm actually checking in a bit more often! You gotta give me credit for that!

I have faced an artistic slump lately, but I'm hoping the mood picks up going forward! I picked up a few books from the library regarding anatomy, comic making, story writing, and just a few novels to help energize my creative spirit.

I'm currently reading Disengaged by Mischa Hiller. I'm still waiting for the "spy thriller" part of the book to kick in, but so far I'm enjoying the read! It's not overly complex, and it's short (only 182 pages).

I have also completed two short animations in the span of the week. I downloaded an application called aminoapp which is another forum for people to come together. Of course, I joined a lot of the art related ones. Sure some are more active than others, but it's a nice way to have more people look at my art!

One of the aminos I joined was an animation amino. They attempt to hold weekly challenges, and it's a great place for me to receive animation prompts! The first one had the topic of "melting" and the 2nd one was "wind blowing." Since I am acquiring a collection of animations, I decided to add an animation page for these short animations. Of course my longer animations will still be available on my Vimeo page. Perhaps every month I'll do a "round up" of sorts and publish these more casual animations on my Youtube page.

Speaking of YouTube, I've begun to set a schedule for the speed paint videos I made. A few of them are a bit glitchy, and I don't really know what to do with that in post. I can't exactly re-record it. :[ Anyways, those will update every Sunday so far! As long as I keep recording my stuff, I should have content. I have enough stuff to take me to August, I believe haha. You can watch my latest video here:

Hm. Looking at my list of to-dos, I still have 4 more days of the Kyrie Art Challenge I need to do. I found about this program that allows me to pose models, so I'm going to check that out and see if that'll make my life easier or harder. xD;

I'm thinking about working on the lyrics a little bit tonight. If I have trouble falling asleep tonight, I'll read a few chapters from Disengaged and maybe plot out more panels for the magic teaser trailer. I might even revisit the characters since I haven't drawn them in a while. :)

I believe that is it. Thanks for exploring my content. I hope to see you next week!

Ja Ne!

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