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July around the Corner; June Reflections

June like the other months was blessed with highs and cursed with unproductive lows. I hit a stage where I was in an artistic slump and then a mental slump. I had gone to a family reunion and finished Disengaged by Mischa Hiller which helped to fuel my creative consciousness. I'm reading another novel called North of Havana by Randy Wayne White which is more of a rescue mission type story rather than a spy novel like Disengaged. I might do a book review later...Would you read that? My dad said I should be an animation / special effects reviewer. They'll be placed on the things to do in the future. x]

I have to first complete my current projects before I take on new ones! Back in May, I established four art goals. So let's review how I did!

Finish Kyrie's 20 Day Art Challenge:

Not quite. I'm so so close. I just have one more day to do: Face Me / The Final Boss! I had some ideas, but they all seem ridiculous. At this moment, I might as well put the ideas into action than have nothing at all, right? Well, we'll see. If you wish to review my entries for the art challenge, take a peek at my little corner of Instagram. I might bring back the challenge since it was fun since mine ended up having a narrative arc to it!

Finish adding lyrics to my senior thesis animation:

After reviewing the animation and having seen other people watch it at my art show, I decided not to add the lyrics. There is already a bit going on, and I didn't want to include ANOTHER moving element. You can view the final animation here: I may make a lyric video in the future, but I have other plans for the project already. For example, I want to break the animation up and place it into a video game format and to add proper analog pieces.

Complete a month's worth of pages for Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess.:

Not quite. *insert sad face* I finished 2 pages, so I have 2 more to go. One I was waiting to 3D model a staff, but I may just wing it since I am using only 2 different angles for the panels. The second page is ready to be inked. It may be colored though there is a bit going on.

I originally was planning to include another "Behind the Faces" type page to separate the mini episodes in the chapters, but I didn't have much idea of what to say since not many new characters were introduced up until that point. What I have done, however, is start to put the characters, namely Roskavna, Princess Paeosfu, and Yiskaña, in alternate universes. I'm thinking of inserting those drawings in between the episodes.

So with that in mind, I may color in that page after all haha.

Finish storyboarding for my magic teaser trailer.

Yeah...No progress here!

Overall, I believe I had set a decent amount of goals. Life happened to slow down my progress. I'm doing better mentally. Here's to progress! As I work to continue to update the world with my thoughts (updating the blog more frequently was a goal itself!), I'll set up four more art-related goals for the month of July!

  • Finish storyboarding for the Magic Teaser Trailer.

  • I have rough thumbnail sketches planned out from beginning to end with dialogue and everything. I really just need to expand and/or tweek some scenes and dialogue, and pencil in the characters now that I have character designs.

  • Maintain a month's buffer for the Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess comic.

  • That means working on a comic page per week. I already have a total of 6 pages drafted. If I keep it up, I'll be able to have Patreons receive earlier access than a 3 day buffer for the comic. Although I do appreciate the 3 day buffer since I am not super pressured to have an extra page completed.

  • Bring back Pit Pat Valley ( 12 - 16 panels)

  • My current approach to Pit Pat Valley was to do 4 panels all relating to each other and telling mini stories. I want to experiment and move away from that and put up the week's collection of panels, which may all be unrelated, up on Tapas, Webtoons, and Smackjeeves.

  • The idea is to make 3 single images per week representing Valley's life, It can be based off a prompt, but I'm thinking more in the direction of Nathan Birchfield's Animal Noises or one shots like xkcd.

  • I dunno. The comic was meant to be more casual than Abstract Princess and to be a door to explore other characters in the fairy universe. This'll be an experiment, and I'll see how it goes. :)

  • Layout Ann & Ducks children story (at least 1st half)

  • I've drawn out pages for the story like 4 times by now, but I've finally found a style of the children I wanted to do. It's been a while, so I'll have to practice drawing them before I put them in poses and whatnot. Maybe I'll 3d model them. Hm...

So there you have it, my SMART goals for July! These projects will be a priority, but I may sprinkle in some animations, fan art, and work on my other original characters throughout the month! On Sunday I'll be updating the website with new pictures and updating information here and there along with posting a June in review art update on my patreon, so keep an eye out for that!

Until next time!

Ja ne~!

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