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11 Days in July Already!

Where did the time go? I feel like I was rather productive this week!

Laundry list time :U!

Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess

It's back! It's all queued up and ready to go! I have two more pages to add to the queue. One needs to have the shading completed but that should be completed by the end of the day! It's really happening guys!

Support the comic:

I am also working on character art to keep the fire going. It's also serving as world building as I include certain elements in the drawing on occasion! One of the bigger character art is having them go on a road trip. Corel had crashed in the middle of the drawing, so I gotta revisit a screen shot. I may take a different approach with it though!

I also want to create proper character sheets for my character in case anyone is open to art trades or art requests. I've been digging through old Instagram pics which is cumbersome and not fun. That's one of my next drawings! x]

Magic Teaser Trailer

I really need a proper name for this. Elliot? Prince Elliot? The Prince of Darkness? The Dark Rose? (His last name is Roseberry). Hmmm. Any suggestions?

I admit, I started drawing out more of the storyboard yesterday. I only got 4 panels done in an hour...Like...what? I'm blaming it on me being distracted because 2/4 of those panels were duplicates with some changes. I gotta get faster in rendering. Then again, I haven't touched anything since March. That's not a really good excuse though. ><

I have been practicing drawing Elliot digitally which should be next month's goal. Once I finish this storyboard, I'd have to find voices or record them myself and then make an animatic~! I have at least 17 more panels that was blocked out. So approximately 34 more panels I need to draw. *heavy breathing* Though that would be maybe 9 days more on storyboarding if I target 4 panels a day. :] *is less worried*. Then I'll have the rest of the month to go crazy with digital art renditions kukuku.

Pit Pat Valley

mmmm. I started something. Not sure if I'll reach my target goal of a min of 12 panels, but there's still hope! I have an idea that I can expand to maybe 4. Currently I have 2 of the 4(maybe) lined. I just need to color them. Hopefully one will be colored by the end of the day. :>

Ann and the Ducks

... I misplaced my dad's copy, but I have a feeling where it may be. Currently I am working on digitizing the character designs and finding the right color schemes/way to color it. I also have to think about page layouts which would be fun. Should I have the whole page colored or should I have that cloud-like dream feel around it? I dunno. I need to pick up references though!

Miscellaneous work I shouldn't be doing because I have goals , but I do anyway!

I got back into creature design! *whooo* I told a few people that I love doing creature design the most, but I haven't done that lately. So I changed that! I love it and I miss it, and I want to try to squeeze in a creature design every week. Sketches are fine with me. I debated on coloring some of them next month as a coloring challenge, but I don't know what challenge is in store for August haha. I learned about the art fight challenge earlier for July,so...we'll see!

I still don't have a streaming schedule, but I am getting better at dividing my attention among multiple streams! I try to stick to no more than four, and i don't replace any streams that have ended until I finished my time working on a piece. I've also actually used a timer to help keep track of my work. Albeit it makes me sad after spending 30 minutes or an hour on a certain project and having not much progress with it. ><

Ooo something else I have picked up: Fandoms are a great place to pick up commissions. Next month I'm going to be drawing up characters from different fandoms and advertising myself that way in the discord chats. I've noticed people get commissions with DnD art and whatnot, so I want to tap into that market! Hopefully it'll turn out in my favor! I do have to work on a proper commission sheet spread too...I might add that as a thing to do this month!

We're only half way through July, and I'm already excited for next month's goals! Anyway, see you next week! :]

Ja ne!

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