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Last full week of August! Oh My!

I'm going to save my September goals for next week's blog since September doesn't technically start until next week.

However, spoiler alert, I'm hoping to pick up some sketchtember prompts and use those art prompts for drawing my OCs.

Week one will be for my relatively new original characters i.e. the twins, Kyrie, butterfly, Valley, etc.

Week two will be for relatively older original characters i.e. Madness, Wrath, Supoya (who some of you may not even know), I have a magical girl, and another demon boy. I'm just bringing characters from my sketchbooks back to life that week. xD

Week three will be for the cast of The Dark Rose. I have two (2) and a half characters designed. Those will definitely be in the animation trailer. Since I do want to make an animated series, I'm going to go ahead and start drawing out other main players for at least the first season / arc!

Week four will be for Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess characters! By then I may have added a few new characters to the roster, so this time may or may not be their debut.

Speaking of the Abstract Princess, I have reached outlining the climax of the first novel! *insert trumpet noises* In chapter five, all will be revealed and answer most of the questions revealed throughout the story. I have to craftily make the conversation not an information dump, so that'll be a fun challenge! After chapter five which will include emotions, death, injury, a resolution, is the dénouement, the final chapter. Then BOOM I'm done with the outline. I'll comb through for any inconsistencies and really get into writing the scenes!

I have read through chapter two and uttered an ¡Ay, caramba! with how much I need to change. Chapter one needs to be revisited too since Timoti has three different names there. I took critique I received on imgur to add more story and give more context to the comic, and that, frankly, is not reflected in the original writing! I was also alerted I gave no character descriptions, so I have to fix that as well.

In terms of the actual comic, page 18 and 19 are ready to be inked! I'm going to insert another behind the scenes segment after 19 since pages 20+ compose the final scene. I don't want to awkwardly split the scene in the middle. The lovely Roskavna will be the topic of the "Behind-the-faces" segment of my comic. Since webtoons currently has a contest going on, I didn't include the pages there because it seriously ruined the flow of the comic.

The "Behind-the-Faces" pages are available over on Tapas and SmackJeeves.

Abstract Princess cast celebrating first year anniversary.

The birthday celebration was good! I didn't receive any drawing requests, but that's okay! I enjoyed ​doing my thing too. I believe giving more of a heads up would be best! I have the interface all queued to go for next year, so I can worry about building the hype and advertising more. Hopefully by next year, I'll have a larger fanbase. We'll see! I finished coloring the poster, and it's available over at redbubble along with other Abstract Princess related prints!

Now let's look at my August goals shall we? *deep breath* Oh boi.

The Dark Rose...It's coming...along. Listen. I made progress. See. I'll show you.

This is Elliot's turnaround work in progress. I thought to myself the other day that I should do more than just what is required for the animation trailer. I am thinking about making this into an animated short. I still have to look into it since this will be story-based and not slice-of-life type of deal where each episode is self-contained. Season one will be represented in the trailer, but I already have a vague idea of season two. I have to get everything on paper and plan things out like I'm doing with Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess.

I do wish to finish the animatic, however. Now that my brother has returned to university, I can use his room to record voices kukuku. Listen. Sometimes I can't be bothered to turn off my turtle filter and pray that it'll boot up again. That's mad stressful haha.

Ooooh. I also did a bit of world building, which I won't reveal quite yet, and I'm excited!! Guys. I also found out the name of Eli's friend which I can tell you! It's Ninsen Davy Herman! I also got around to figuring out Elliot's family! He's going to have two mothers (Ginger and Kennedy Roseberry), an older sister named Melody, and a younger brother named Fausten. Not the most exotic names, I know, but I'm going to give the other characters fun name. Ninsen. I just love that.

I was using behind the name's random name generator, and I combined a couple names. Can't tell you what they were. I've been using that name generator for ages, and I love seeing it update and evolve! They added a profile generator too which I thought was super cool! They give you a birthday, some physical characteristics, and how they'd die. I thought the death was a bit morbid but a neat touch. I recommend you check it out if you need help naming characters!!

*Internally groans about next topic* No progress on the making bank goal. I wanted to work on adoptables, but other projects popped up. Next week for sure! I'm hoping to finish up an art request this week, the second of my art trades, and hopefully the animation requested won't take a lot of time, and I could finish it this week too! Adoptables is definitely on my list of to-dos!

I also have to assemble the commission sheet. That really shouldn’t take long. I simply have to sit down and do it. I have the examples all ready. xD; I’m taking an art day Wednesday to work like a comic book artist, so I’ll probably complete it then. No. I will complete it then! Aaaah!

Additionally, due to last week’s preparations on making the Abstract Princess celebration poster, I wasn’t able to work on my emotes. *le sigh* This week I scheduled in time to work on them. If all goes well six (6) of the eight (8) will be completed! Next week, I’d finish the last two (2) and work on other stream elements! The next thing I will probably work on are the mini-banners followed by the end title card! However, the title cards would most likely be a September project seeing that there are nine (9) days left in the month.

Finally getting into the community! The art collaboration will probably not be achieved this month. I have one in progress, I think. The person says she’s doing okay last I checked on her. I haven’t seen any progress shots, but I understand people can be going through things, so I don’t want to bother her. Another person said they were interested but sent me a picture of an OC and left the chat… Yeah. So there’s that haha.

On a higher note, I completed an additional art trade with fennecKitsune over on the Super

fenneckitsune's OC for an art trade

Sketches Amino, and I am in progress of a second art trade with miraculoushero also on the Super Sketches Amino. Next week I am going to start on an art trade with Absolute_weapon (twitch: ). That’s four(4) art trades! I’ve exceeded that goal! :D

In regards to the art challenges, I have completed three(3) and plan to participate in one (1) more! The latest challenge was again on the Osomatsu-san Amino, and I created a comic (?) in a way. I didn’t win, but it was super fun to complete! The last challenge is for an animation amino where you highlight what you liked about the amino. Easy enough, right? And I’ll get a neat title for participating! The event ends August 30th, so I gotta hustle! It’ll probably be a traditional piece since I work faster that way. xD;

Other than this art request I’m working on, that’s pretty much it!

Sims 2 Family Portrait

I’ll see you next week for my September goals!

Já ne!

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