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Last full week of August! Oh My!

I'm going to save my September goals for next week's blog since September doesn't technically start until next week.

However, spoiler alert, I'm hoping to pick up some sketchtember prompts and use those art prompts for drawing my OCs.

Week one will be for my relatively new original characters i.e. the twins, Kyrie, butterfly, Valley, etc.

Week two will be for relatively older original characters i.e. Madness, Wrath, Supoya (who some of you may not even know), I have a magical girl, and another demon boy. I'm just bringing characters from my sketchbooks back to life that week. xD

Week three will be for the cast of The Dark Rose. I have two (2) and a half characters designed. Those will definitely be in the animation trailer. Since I do want to make an animated series, I'm going to go ahead and start drawing out other main players for at least the first season / arc!

Week four will be for Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess characters! By then I may have added a few new characters to the roster, so this time may or may not be their debut.

Speaking of the Abstract Princess, I have reached outlining the climax of the first novel! *insert trumpet noises* In chapter five, all will be revealed and answer most of the questions revealed throughout the story. I have to craftily make the conversation not an information dump, so that'll be a fun challenge! After chapter five which will include emotions, death, injury, a resolution, is the dénouement, the final chapter. Then BOOM I'm done with the outline. I'll comb through for any inconsistencies and really get into writing the scenes!

I have read through chapter two and uttered an ¡Ay, caramba! with how much I need to change. Chapter one needs to be revisited too since Timoti has three different names there. I took critique I received on imgur to add more story and give more context to the comic, and that, frankly, is not reflected in the original writing! I was also alerted I gave no character descriptions, so I have to fix that as well.

In terms of the actual comic, page 18 and 19 are ready to be inked! I'm going to insert another behind the scenes segment after 19 since pages 20+ compose the final scene. I don't want to awkwardly split the scene in the middle. The lovely Roskavna will be the topic of the "Behind-the-faces" segment of my comic. Since webtoons currently has a contest going on, I didn't include the pages there because it seriously ruined the flow of the comic.