Ringing in the New Year!

2018 has gone, and 2019 has arrived. time waits for no one, and if you dawdle, you'd get left behind!

So what happened this year? I've had burnouts and lazy moments along with explosive creative energy and a passion that's kept me up some nights. I suppose the easiest place to assess my progress is through social media~!

2018 Best Nine

I had mixed feelings about my Instagram top 2018. Two (well two and a half) of my images were not even drawn this year. They were throwback images, so part of me thinks studying my past sketchbooks would be best. I've gone through them like an old photobook, but I guess I should consider referencing them. ^^;

Although, I still do the abstract technique seen in the top left. I just don't make many creatures from them. The creatures I do make are from less random lines and shapes. That technique in the top left is me with my eyes closed scribbling random lines and highlighting ones to create abstract figures.

Eel created with random gesture lines.

My second qualm is that two of the seven aren't my own characters. They were from art trades. So I'm not sure if it was the content or the fact that they were art trades which made them so popular. On the flip side, that gives me confidence about commissioned pieces. The mermaid was really fun to do ahaha.

Going forward, I don't think I'll be doing art trades so openly unless I'm friends with people. The same goes with art requests. I was so happy to have people requesting me to draw them art, and I love their reactions when they receive it. It's a warm feeling. Some individuals managed to taint the experience for me by either getting greedy or ordering me around. The art's free, but you can't expect me to paint the Mona Lisa for you. I've had an equal amount of bad experiences with art trades as I had good experiences. I treasure the good experiences and adore my art I received in an art trade. It stings when my art trade partner doesn't do their share.

I'm not completely opposed to art trades or art requests this year. If I do art requests, I'm going to do them like other streamers and do a 5 minute sketch as a warm-up or cool down or as I try to figure what else to draw. I'd like to build an audience with my OCs and comic characters that they could be requested. Maybe I'd put that as a goal for this year. x]

As for art trades, if I do them, I'm giving strangers a watermarked copy on the lowest resolution until they finish mine. I doubt I'll do art trades any time soon since I don't have good character sheets for any of my characters. Any fan art I'd want, I could do it myself...We'll see. It's only January after all ahaha.

Back to my top 9! A few positives is that I have a mixed media presence. There's 3D modeling, animation, digital in the real world, digital art, and traditional art! That's good since I'm not going to stick to one medium anytime soon either. I want to do more digital art in the real world pictures, and I'd love to do more 3D modeling. I just need things to model. xD; Also, I finished a couple paintings yesterday!

Paintings completed yesterday.

I still aim to create images that tell a story. It's easy to explain the images on every social media site but Twitter since I'm limited to character space. However, I have plenty of image space! Well only four. Usually I post only one image, so I can use the second image to describe my pieces.

I was pretty good at keeping up with my social media in the middle of the year. That's when I saw the most growth and traffic to my art. I was really engaging with others. As soon as I stopped using my planner, things fell apart a bit. My goal is to continue using my planner and bring some order to my life! I keep procrastinating that since I'm waiting for job hours to dictate my availability. I'm going to get on finding a part-time job too. xD;

I've been focused on my art business which took time. Read about my first event here! I spent hours practicing set ups, looking for opportunities, and of course creating artwork! It's crazy to think I went from one table to three in a span of three months!

With all my product, I need to figure out how to consolidate it for cons and an upcoming event where I only have 6 - 8 feet of table space.The good news is that I don't have to worry about bringing everything. At my main event I attend, I have to understand that my general audience tends to be older and more conservative. Religion, landscapes, and realistic animals are what people at that event likes. I don't do religious or realistic animal artwork, so I bank on my landscapes to attract people's attention.

At this upcoming fantasy and comic con, hopefully my character and fantasy art will attract people's attention since the audience is different. I don't have to worry about where I'm going to place all my paintings and cards because I won't bring them!I really do hope the events go well though. At the fantasy event, I'm going to be there for a total of at least 21 hours which is insane!!! At my usual event, set up is 2 - 3 hours and the event is 6 hours. Pray for me guys. ahahaha

Once the weather becomes warmer, I'll be hitting downtown and setting up my booth there. Spring and summer markets will open up too and give me more opportunities. Of course I'll be attempting to enter as many arts and craft festivals too!

So what comes next ♪♫♪ ?

Top five projects this year are:

Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess

The Dark Rose

"Chicks and Ann"

Supoya Starrain (working title)

YouTube Channel Revival

The past year I believe I did a great job outlining a list of three to five goals I wanted to accomplish per month and giving weekly updates on where I am at. I'd like to continue that, but focus on two to three goals per month to keep it a reasonable scope. I am starting at biweekly updates and hope to work up to weekly updates again. Each month I want to make headway on each of these five projects the feat is not impossible.

Already I am doing world building for the Abstract Princess. I've been drawing out characters, and the other day I've created plants that may be found in Tayavon. Headway has been done on the story.

My 2019 goals for Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess are:

Weekly progression in the world of Tayavon.

Each week I want to create something related to Tayavon whether that is concept art, progress on the script, progress on the story, or drawing the characters in or out of their world. I want to keep the story on the forefront of my mind.

Work in progress Goreestuv drawing.

Comic is back in April 2019.

- I will finish writing chapter 2 this month darnit.

- I'd loosely follow the schedule I concocted back in August, but that was me in a high energy mode where I was young and innocent and didn't need to return to University. The idea is that I have February and March to work on the backlog of my comic, so that it may return in time for my first comic con appearance in April. Will it be ready for print? Absolutely not. I have preview pages which are free, but my older pages need some refinement before I print any copies for sale.

Honestly, that may be a 2020 goal. After doing the math, it would take me approximately 39 weeks (~3 pages per plot point) at most to reach chapter 4 which is about 2/3 through the first journal.Once I get to creating pages for chapter 4, I will embark on my journey to redraw pages from chapter 1. In 2020 I'd start selling chapters!

I don't know if the pages will be in color or not. I had initially thought about posting pages once or twice a month and having them in color. If I post them weekly, they'd be limited grey scale like in manga. I haven't quite decided. I might finish up chapter 1 in grey scale and experiment with colors in chapter 2.

3 or 4 promotional art pieces~!

- I'm heading toward my second year of the comic, and I still don't have a cover page or promotional art to show off my characters. I'd like to make something quarterly (March, June,September, December), but I would most likely choose two or three months at random and do something fun for the second year anniversary of the comic. I'm actually going to plan the second year anniversary and hype it up because it was so sad last year ahaha.

- I'd like to make a bookmark, sticker, and print/poster and have a little Abstract Princess corner at my booth and website ahaha.

Collect all the artwork for my characters.

This would require me to have character sheets for them. I have my own references, but I wouldn't give them to anyone.

A while back, totalweebcall drew my girl Roskavna, and that was based on Ro from Kyrie's Art challenge.

totalweebcall's (IG) version of Roskavna

My poor friend Absolute Weapon had to forge something from a hodgepodge of references I hastily placed together. Look how magnificent he drew Yiskaña:

Yi in Absolute's Style <3

Once I get those references, I'd probably open art trades again.

Phew. 1500+ words deep, and I only finished talking about Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess goals... The Dark Rose is really my other 2nd biggest project. The other three are minor.

I want to finish the "Chicks and Ann" children's book this year. Specifically I aim to be finished by May, so that it can have its debut in summer art festivals.

I already have a character design for one of the three characters:

Ann turnaround